It looks like Arena Breakout is going to be dropped from the Arena playlist sooner rather than later as 343s Franchise Media Director Che Chou tweeted the game type was on its way out.
Shortly after Halo's lead multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo tweeted that 343 is getting ready for a new playlist update, but no word on when that will be going live.
Breakout has already been removed from the Halo World Championship and has received mixed reviews from players. However for those of you who love Breakout there is still the dedicated Breakout playlist.
What do you think, happy to see it removed or will you miss it? Let us know in the comment section below.
The Forge community have been hard at work since the release of Halo 5s Forge mode, building some seriously impressive remakes along with original maps. Today's Forge Pick is a remake of the Halo 4 map Skyline, which was created by D4rkpr1nc3.
Below you can see a video walk-through along with images showing different parts of the map. Credit goes out to D4rkpr1nc3 who has managed to re-create Skyline almost perfectly, even managing to have a similar skybox to the Halo 4 version. Make sure to check out the video and images below!
Skyline Overview

Red Base

Blue Yard

Top Mid

Bottom Mid

Things just keep on getting bigger and better for Halo fans with the head of Halo interactive entertainment at 343 Industries Kiki Wolfkill, confirming that the Halo World Championship will be returning in 2017.

In her interview with Gamespot she talks in great length about the the eSports side of Halo 5 including the recently held tournament at the XGames in Aspen as well as a Halo Pro League that will take place after this years Halo World Championship has concluded. Below you can see the quote confirming the return of the HWC in 2017.
"Esports is an evergreen long-term play for Halo and 343 Industries. We built the Halo Championship Series last year--featuring Halo 2 Anniversary as the sport--as a way to establish a governing body for all Halo esports--whether you're playing at the ESL/MLG level, or perhaps at tournaments organized through the grassroots. After the Halo World Championship concludes, we have some exciting plans with our partners to kick off a very organized Halo 'pro league' for sustained seasonal competitions. Of course, all of that will take us to the doorstep of next year's Halo World Championship."
So more great news for Halo fans and thing look very promising indeed for the future of competitive Halo. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.
Source - Gamespot interview with KIKI WolfKill from 343
343 have just released some new information showing Halo fans what they can expect to see in the Infinity's Armory DLC coming out later this month, as well as a very cool looking trailer which you can see below.
Fans of the previous games will be pleased to know that the classic version of the Halo Battle Rifle will be making a return, as well as a host of new weapons, armour, skins, maps, emblems and more. 
Weapon Skins
These are just two of the new weapon skins you can expect to get your hands on when Infinity's Armory final drops.

You can check out the full list of of goodies you will get at the end of the month by clicking here.
Source - Halo Waypoint.
Infinity's Armory is the next batch of DLC for Halo 5 that was revealed only a short while ago by 343 industries. Today they have show us a sneak peak at what we can expect from Infinity's Armory which will include two new maps in the form of Riptide, an Arena map which is a remix of Fathom and Urban which will be a Warzone assault version of the recently released map Noctus.
As well as the two new maps there will be new armour sets, emblems and weapon skins. You can take a look at what has been revealed so far in the image below.
Source - HaloWaypoint



Infinity's Armory will also bring with it "various game updates and tweaks, and more" but no news on what they will entail. Be sure to check out the live stream next week where 343 will officially showcase what you can expect to find in Infinity's Armory.
No official release date has been announced as of yet but according to the article it "remains on track for delivery this month".
Also be sure to check out the full update over at Halo Waypoint to see some seriously impressive Forge remakes of some classic Halo maps.
Let us know what you think in the comment section below.
American Halo Pro player Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has posted a new vlog revealing that he has officially been dropped by his former squad, Team Liquid. You can see the vlog below where he goes into detail about what occurred and the reasons behind the team change.
It didn't take Tyler too long to find himself a new roster however and he announced his new team on twitter shortly after. The new team consists of -
Ninja  Commonly  Spartan Victory X  
So it's all change again for Tyler with a new roster once again. What do you think of the change, could this new squad go all the way? Did Liquid make the right move? Let us know in the comments section below.
This evening Gfinity officially announced the team and groups for this weekends Halo World Championship UK Qualifier. Many teams battled it our over an online ladder and four online qualifying cups but only 16 teams could make it.
These sixteen teams will be split into four groups of four and will play each other twice. Once all group matches have been played, the top two teams from each group will advanced into a single elimination bracket while the bottom two teams will be eliminated from the remained of the competition.
All group stages and Quarter Finals matches will consist of a best-of-three series, which the Semi-Finals, third place playoff and Grand Final will consist of a best-of-five series.
Here are the teams and groups that will be competing this weekend:

The UK leg of the Halo World Championship is scheduled to start at 10am GMT on Friday 15th January. You will be able to catch all the action of the event via Gfinity Live TV.
Anyone interested in attending the event as a spectator can do so, just visit the following link and use code 'Respawn' for a 75% discount off all ticket prices!
For Full Weekend Tickets act quick, you have 19 hours left (from time of posting) to purchace these tickets!
Team Dignitas have made their return to the Halo scene and have picked up one of the top performing European Halo squads in the form of Vibe. Vibe will now play under the Dignitas banner and will be looking to continue their strong online performances into the final Gfinity qualifiers this weekend.
The Dignitas Halo squad consists of -
Scott 'Fuzion' Findlay Luciano 'Mose' Calvanico Brandon 'Respectful' Stones Rob 'SeptiQ' Singleton We at Respawn wish Dignitas the best of luck in all their Halo endeavors. Make sure to catch them in action this weekend at the UK Finals of the Halo World Championship 2016.
So we are only a few days away from the UK Qualifier Finals for the HWC (Halo World Championship) hosted by Gfinity, which could be considered the biggest Halo eSports event in the United Kingdom so far.
This weekends tournament has a lot on the line,with £10,000 and only 3 spots available for qualification to the EMEA Finals
Lets look into the journey that was the Halo UK Qualifiers.
Sunday 20th December 2015
Teams: Bracket
We had 25 teams compete in the first online qualifier cup and it was Epsilon eSports who steamrolled through their bracket and won the online qualifier cup, it was only until the grand finals when they met their Battle of Europe rivals Team Vibe and lost a Team Slayer on Truth 50:48 (3:13:40).

Sunday 3rd January 2016
Teams: Bracket
With 23 teams competing this time around Epsilon eSports once again dominated throughout their bracket in a similar fashion but this time dropping Team Slayer maps, once to their bitter rivals Team Infused on Truth (2:28:00) 50-41 and then again on Plaza against previous finalists Team Vibe 50-37 (4:19:00)   VOD  
Wednesday 6th January 2016
Teams: Bracket
Once again we saw 24 teams compete for this midweek cup and following their previous dominance the majority had called for Epsilon to win for the 3rd time in a row. This time around though they didn't even make it through the semi finals following 3-1 defeat against Team Infused. What we did see however was Team Infused vs Team Vibe final.
Team Vibe have had nearly flawless runs in previous qualifiers, only to then lose in their Grand Final match ups. This time however was a completely different story where we saw them sweep the series 3-0 against Team Infused (4:24:00) and not drop a single map throughout the entire online qualifier cup.
  VOD Sunday 10th January 2016
Teams: Bracket
In the final cup we saw Epsilon eSports bulldoze their way through bracket, this time flawlessly winning every series and taking the finals against Team Infused 3-0(2:57:00).
  VOD PT 1 / PT 2 The Format for the UK Live Event:
Streamed on
16 Teams
4 Groups of 4 Teams – Dual Format into Single Elimination
Top 2 from Groups qualify for Quarter Finals
The winners from the Semi Finals qualify for the EMEA Regional Finals and will play in a UK final to decide who walks away as the winner of the Live Event
The losers from the Semi Finals play each other in a 3rd/4th Playoff, where the winner qualifies for the EMEA Regional Finals
Therefore, top 3 from the UK Live Event qualify for EMEA Regional Finals
All Group and Quarter Final Matches are BO3
Semi Finals, 3rd/4th Playoff, Grand Final are BO5
Prize Pool Breakdown:
1st Place – £5000 / $7500
2nd Place – £3000 / $4500
3rd Place – £2000 / $3000
Even if you didn't qualify you can get your tickets for the United Kingdoms biggest Halo eSport event of the year via Eventbrite. Also use Code Respawn  for 75% off !!