Finally the details of the Halo Championship Series: Pro League have been released, currently only a North American schedule has been announced but with details being tweeted by ESL's Halo Community Manager Richard Simms we should be seeing some additional information about the EU Pro League quite soon.
The Details (NA)

Here are the components of HCS Pro League qualification in North America:
PAX East LAN Qualifier - April 24: 4 invited teams, with the top team advancing into Pro League (read more details about this tournament here) Invite Online Qualifier - April 30: 16 teams will be invited based on Halo World Championship placings as well as historical HCS performance. The top 8 teams from this qualifier will advance to the May 8 LAN tournament. Qualification LAN Tournament - May 8: The top 8 teams from the online qualifier will battle it out for the next 4 spots in the HCS Pro League. The top 4 teams from this LAN secure their HCS Pro League spots. Open Qualifiers – May 14 & 15: These tournaments will be open to all competitors, and will identify the top teams who will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier. Last Chance Qualifier – May 21-22: This multi-stage online tournament will be the last chance for teams to qualify for HCS Pro League, and winners from the Open Qualifiers 1 & 2 will duke it out against the bottom 12 teams from the Invitational Qualifier. The LCQ will award the last two spots in the HCS Pro League.
The HCS Pro League will see the top 8 teams in North America competing against each other with two matches and broadcast days per week, with the entire season schedule laid out at the beginning of the season. This will allow teams and fans to prepare for the matches ahead, and look forward to the biggest matchups of the season. All teams will play each other twice during the regular season, and the top 4 will advance to the Summer 2016 Finals. While the teams that finish in 5th and 6th place will not make it to the Finals, they will still have their spot guaranteed in the following Fall 2016 Season. The 7th and 8th ranked teams, however, will have to battle against the top teams from the HCS Open Circuit during relegation, potentially forfeiting their spot to hungry up-and-coming teams.
We’ll have more details and specifics on not only HCS Pro League events in the coming weeks, but also the HCS Open Circuit as well. The Open Circuit will act as a challenger component, and feature an active tournament scene that will allow players to form rosters, compete on a regular basis, and climb the standings for a chance to advance to the HCS Pro League relegation matches at the end of each season. We’re expecting to see fierce competition in the battle to fight for a chance at an HCS Pro League spot.
Additionally, 343 Industries’ HCS team is working with ESL on bracket formats, options for a picks and bans system, a newly updated focus and feedback group in the form of the HCS Council (including working with this group on updates to maps, game types, formats, and more), as well as exciting new opportunities such as in-game esports skins. There’s lots more in the works, so stay tuned.
In the recent EPSN article announcing the Halo Pro League I've seen some details that have peaked my interest.

"Xbox and 343 will allow teams that don't qualify for the pro league to play in an open circuit. Those teams will earn points across multiple events hosted by different tournament organizers and have a chance to relegate the bottom two in each pro league."
Seeing this and how previously EGL hosted the Battle of Europe final during HCS Season One and also with Gfinity hosting the UK qualifiers during the Halo World Championship Tour, could we see more challenger events for teams that don't qualify for the Pro League via third party tournament organizers.

Personally this interests me more than the Pro league itself as I'd love to see what new players and teams will form and grind their way through the challenger events to take that spot at the end of Season One.
So what do you think to the news, let us know below and I'll be compiling what the general consensus is in a future article later this week.
It looks like 343 are finally going to bring the much loved Infection game type to Halo 5. You can see in the trailer below that not only is the Infection game mode making a return, but it looks like we will be getting a remixed version of map Torque as well as what looks like a new EVA Helmet that looks very similar to the one worn by the Spartan III Emile-A239 (Noble Four) in Halo Reach.
Looking forward to playing some Infection? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.
A lot of players have been experiencing issues with finding games since 343 introduced region locking to Halo 5. They have started a thread on Halo Waypoint asking for players feedback on this matter, so if you have been having issues make sure to get in the thread and leave your constructive feedback. You can see the post below as well as a link to the thread.
We are currently investigating potential improvements to matchmaking and collecting additional data and gamertags to determine improvements that can made for players in specific regions. While previous adjustments have shown improvements for some players, we are aware of continued reports of difficulty to find matches at certain times of day. If you are having trouble finding matches at certain times of day and/or within certain playlists, please list the following:
Gamertag Region Date/Time/Timezone Playlist(s) Any addition details Thank you! Our services team will be reviewing your gamertags and reports.
You can either click on the link in the first paragraph or click here to be taken to the thread to leave your feedback.
The post Halo World Championship storm is in full effect with Evil Geniuses being the first team to officially make a change. 
The change sees former Allegiance player,and HWC finalist, Ayden 'Suspector' Hill join Evil Geniuses in place of Hamza 'Commonly' Abbaali.
There has been vast speculation as to what Evil Geniuses would do after a disappointing Halo World Championship, where they placed 5th-8th after losing to long-time rivals Counter Logic Gaming in the quarter finals. 
Whether this change will be enough to topple the giant that is CLG we'll have to wait until the HCS Pro League and any subsequent tournaments to find out.
What do you think of this change? Does this new line-up have enough to go toe-to-toe with what seems to be an untouchable CLG? What other changes do you see coming in what could be the craziest off-season yet? Be sure to let us know! 
So the Halo World Championships have finally come to an end with CLG emerging as very convincing champions after battling it out over the course of the weekend against the best Halo teams in the world. This was undoubtedly one of, if not the best Halo event we have ever had and it has firmly placed Halo eSports back into the limelight where it belongs.
In today's article I am going going to review my personal favorite aspects of this weekends Halo World Championship.
The Good
Epsilon eSports

James "Jimbo" Bradbrook", Alex "BUK20" Buck, Will "BUK57" Buck, Mike "Snipedrone" Juchau
Epsilon's Halo squad proved to the world that Europe has some world class players that can play with the best America has to offer, proving this by not only challenging CLG in pool play but by successfully making it out of a difficult group to break into the top 8. This is the first European Halo squad to accomplish this and is rather fitting that the Buck twins are a part of this team, given that they are two of the most successful European Halo players to date.
Moving on to the players themselves, I think every member of Epsilon can be proud of how they performed, all working together effectively as a team as well as putting in strong individual performances. I have to single out Jimbo for special praise here however, watching him play against Cloud 9 and CLG just helped prove that he really is, if there was any doubt, a top class player. Well done!
The Casters

Mike "Strongside" Cavanaugh, Richard "Simms" Simms, Mark "Onset" Hatcher, Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky, Dave "Walshy" Walsh, Miles "Wra7h" Ross, Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez
The Halo World Championship didn't only bring the worlds best Halo players together, but it brought the worlds best Halo casters together who provided exciting and intelligent commentary along with interesting play by play analysis. This event was a joy to watch for those of us who were not lucky enough to go and watch the tournament in person, and the casters did a great job of filling the gaps between games.
A special mention goes to Onset, who has only recently thrown his hat into the casting arena. He didn't miss a beat, looking comfortable alongside his more experienced colleagues and he provided some excellent commentary, good work all round!
The Presentation

The Halo World Championships looked exactly what I would expect from an event labelled "World Championship". The main stage looked amazing as did the players stations, the casting area and even the floor area where the fans had gathered to watch the best teams in the world battle it out. As well as the physical venue presentation, the stream was also extremely well done, with professional videos , graphics and stream overlays all being present. A Halo event hasn't looked this good since the MLG days, and it is great to see the presentation standard rising to the levels that are demanded since League of Legends raised the bar.
Observer Mode

During the Halo World Championship we were introduced to the new feature coming to Halo 5 named "Observer Mode". This looks to be a massive improvement over the current spectator mode, providing real time footage as well as an overlay featuring all eight players in the game, showing their weapons, shield and radar status, as well as the amount of grenades they are currently holding.
This new feature is accessed from inside the lobby, where players join the respective lobby and select the Observer team. Halo has needed a true spectator mode for a long time, and it looks like Observer mode will finally fill that gap.
Counter Logic Gaming

TJ "Lethul" Campbell, Matthew "Royal2" Fiorante, Bradley "Frosty" Bergstorm, Paul "SnakeBite" Durate, Wes "Clutch" Price
What can I say, CLG were simply incredible at the Halo World Championships, only dropping three games throughout the entire event. They never looked like they could lose easily brushing aside Evil Geniuses 3 games to 0, who were considered their main rivals going into this event. Even in the finals against Allegiance after a rocky start where they tied the first game, they just went into a higher gear and never looked back, defeating Allegiance in dominating fashion. These guys have well and truly set the bar for Halo 5 and the rest of the pack have some serious catching up to do if they are hoping to take that top spot away from CLG.

Tyler "Spartan" Ganza, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, Cameron "Victory X" Thorlakson, Braedon "StelluR" Boettcher
Renegades really impressed me at the Halo World Championships and supplied a vastly improved performance over their last outing. They looked very strong and aggressive and looked capable of going all the way to the finals, however unfortunately for them came up against a stubborn Allegiance squad who managed to make a come back against Renegades from 2-0 down.
Special praise goes to Ninja and Victory X who both really impressed me during this event. Victory was rolling back the years and proved that he is still a top Halo player even after all these years, and Ninja looked as dangerous as he did during Halo Reach. On a different day might have made it to the finals.
The Bad
Evil Geniuses

Eric "Snip3down" Wrona, Jason "Lunchbox" Brown, Justin "Roy" Brown, Hamza "Commonly" Abbaali, Ryan "Towey" Towey
Evil Geniuses have been one of the top Halo teams since Halo 2 Anniversary and they have some of the most successful Halo players of all time on their roster, as well as being the Halo X-Games winners. But despite this they were swept aside by Counter Logic Gaming in what was one of the most anti climatic series between the two great rivals. They just did not look or perform like the normally do, and this was made very clear in the manner of which Counter Logic Gaming took them apart in what was an easy 3-0 sweep.
They looked strong going into this event, but for whatever reason just did not bring the level of play and intensity that they usually do. Evil Geniuses are without a doubt one of Halos top teams and I am sure they will bounce back from this, but at the Halo World Championships they just didn't play like the great players that they are. Disappointing to see them go out the way they did.
Team Infused

Jake "Chalkie" White, Perry "TuFoxy" Kenyon, Andrew "Ramirez" Corrigan, Jack "BlackJack" Lewis
I am a big fan of these guys, but much like Evil Geniuses they just didn't seem to play like I know they are capable of. In their defense they had a tough group featuring both Evil Geniuses and a much improved Renegades team but despite this I still thought this team would be capable of great things. Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way but they remain a top European team that if they play like I know they can,could accomplish great things.
And that's it for me, I thought 343 and the Halo community did themselves proud this weekend, producing an excellent event that was exciting, well produced, perfectly executed and importantly proved that Halo 5 is a title worthy of the mantle that is the Halo series as well as being the best console FPS on the market. Well done to everyone involved, I hope you had as much fun as I did watching this event!
You can see the final placements and the prize money received by each team below.
Final Placements
1st | Counter Logic Gaming ($1 million)
2nd | Team Allegiance ($500,000)
3rd | Team eLevate ($250,000)
4th | Denial eSports ($250,000)
5th-8th | Epsilon eSports ($75,000)
5th-8th | Renegades ($75,000)
5th-8th | Evil Geniuses ($75,000)
5th-8th | Team Liquid ($75,000)
9th-16th | exceL eSports ($25,000)
9th-16th | Team Infused ($25,000)
9th-16th | Team Immunity ($25,000)
9th-16th | Cloud 9 ($25,000)
9th-16th | Chosen Squad ($25,000)
9th-16th | Team Exile5 ($25,000)
9th-16th | Team Skyfire ($25,000)
9th-16th | FAB Games eSports ($25,000)
FaZe Kampy has released his first Halo 5 montage, and it is nothing short of insane. Some of the snipes he gets (ok, all of them) are simply incredible. Make sure to watch the montage below, you will not be disappointed!
Make sure to give him a follow on his Twitter profile which you can find by clicking here.
Our first episode of Community Clips features European Halo player Daniel O'Malley who goes by the gamer tag Riot_Mallzie. This clip is from the final of an ESL Cup against the German Halo squad Penta eSports. It features a nice overkill with some impressive Pistol shots. You can watch the clip below.
If you think you can top this then submit your best clips to us by contacting us on Twitter with a link to your clip. Depending on how popular this feature proves we will aim to have a new clip featured every Friday. I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment!

Community Clips

By Trick77, in Halo 5,

We want your clips! If you have some awesome Halo clips hidden away then send them in to be in with a chance to get featured on the front page. All you need to do is message @Respawn on Twitter with a link to your clip, and if we like it then we will put it on the front page.
We will try and have a new clip on the front page every week, but this ultimately depends on how many clips we receive. How you submit the footage is up to you, whether it be from YouTube or your Xbox One DVR, as long as we can access it then we can work with it. So get submitting!