Omni eSports have revealed their new Halo roster, with Seb ‘Guerrilla‘ Hodge and Adam ‘Aztec‘ Hart teaming up with Spencer ‘Human‘ Fear and Dominic ‘Aimlesz‘ Fleischmann who were already part of the Omni eSports Halo squad. This team will be competing at the upcoming Insomnia 56 Halo tournament taking place between the 11th and 15th of December.
The full line up is below
Spencer "Human" Fear had this to say on the new line up
"I'm really enjoying myself playing with this line-up, we felt confident with each other after only a short time playing, and feel we compliment each others play styles well. I'm excited to team with Seb and Adam for what is essentially their debut event at Insomnia56. We're all very eager to get our heads down and grind for i56, and hope to establish ourselves, and propel Omni into the scene early in Halo 5's lifespan"
Respawn would like to wish Omni eSports good luck in the future and we can't wait to see this team in action at Insomnia 56 this December!

TeamSe7 Acquire Halo Team

By Prsma, in Team News,

This evening Team Se7 announced they have picked up a Halo Team. The face we all know and love Adam 'Az' McLean and is team A4D have been picked up by Team Serenity with the roster as follows:
Adam 'Az' McLean
Dan 'Gaskin' Gaskin
John 'J Flux' Ure
Michael 'Bradycakes' Brady
Here's what Dan Gaskin had to say about joining Team Se7:
"After considering a few options, myself and Adam felt adding Brady and John to the team was the right decision. Not only do we get along well but they fitted our way of thinking in game too. It's early doors yet but we can already see the potential moving forward, with enough practice and the right frame of mind I know we can succeed."
Adam McLean:
"With the intention of qualifying for the Gfinity UK HCS finals we knew it would be beneficial to have an organisation, both for us and them. Team Serinity were first on our list(cont) we got in touch through other members in the community suggesting them. After a few messages back and forth we agreed and long may we stick through these exciting times ahead! And we can only thank them and represent them to our fullest!"
John Ure:
"The dictionary defines team as two or more horses, oxen, or other animals harnessed together to draw a vehicle, plow, or the like." - J Flux
We at Respawn would like to wish Serenity the best of luck in the up coming Halo World Championship!
343 Industries and Microsoft today announced the qualifier formats for the Halo World Championship which will start around the globe in December.
In addition, the prize pool is now at a staggering $1,700,000 and continuing to grow with the crowdfunding through REQ packs.
Partnering with MLG, ESL and Gfinity, the Halo World Championship consists of online and in-person live events that will take place in U.S. and Canada, Europe along with the Middle East and Africa, Greater Asia, Latin America, and Australia and New Zealand. Key dates include:
December 6, 2015 – Online Ladders Begin December 19, 2015 to January 31, 2016 – Online Qualifiers and Regional In-Person Live Events January 23, 2016 to February 21, 2016 – Regional Finals across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia/Australia/New Zealand March 1, 2016 to March 20, 2016 – Halo World Championship Prelims and Finals With the original prize pool starting off at a cool $1,000,000, $700,000 extra has been raised so far just 4 weeks since Halo 5: Guardians was released. Soon 343 Industries will be releasing details on how you can get your hands on these limited time only HCS armour and weapon skins:
HCS Athlon Helmet HCS Athlon Ar HCS  Assault Rifle skin HCS Magnum Skin HCS Emblem For more information regarding the online ladders, qualifiers and regional in-person live events, head over to:
And for full rules and regulations head HERE.
After Mikween left Team Liquid for EnVyUs, we've been wondering who will be filling the void made by their former team mate, announced via their website earlier today it's been confirmed that Unlegit formally of Team Excellence and Team eLevate will be Liquid Halos fourth member. 
"As you may have heard, Mikwen has decided to leave Liquid for Envy. After careful deliberation and many possible 4ths to suit the team, we decided to pick up an up-and-coming new-comer, Unlegit. He showed qualities we liked in a teammate and are confident in being able to win future events with him. He is very dedicated and you can expect him, and us as a team, to be well practiced for any tournaments to come."
What do you think to the current roster of Team Liquid consisting of Ace, Ninja, Chig and now UnLegit.
Earlier this evening 5 teams battled it out against 343 Industries Pro Team, these are the teams in order of their qualifying placement.
1st Place: Team Infused 2nd Place: Epsilon eSports 3rd Place: Mobasa 4th Place: Outbreak 5th Place: Team Menace Everyone's money was on Epsilon eSports or Team Infused to delivery a victory for Europe with Epsilon falling at the first hurdle losing their Bo3 series 2-0 and Infused taking either series 2-1 to move onto the final. Along side the surprisingly strong looking Outbreak who also won their series 2-1.
Points after first round:

Moving into the final stage of the tournament and some amazing Bo5 action, Infused were the first to take on the 343 Pro Team. They finished their series 3-2, here are their results:
Game 1 | Truth - Capture the Flag '3-1' to 343 Game 2 | The Rig - Team Slayer '50-35' to Infused Game 3 | Empire - Stronghold '100-10' to 343 Game 4 | Trident - Breakout '5-0' to Infused Game 5 | Truth - Team Slayer '50-47' to 343 Last up coming from a very strong performance in the first stage, Outbreak take on the 343 Pro Team for their best of 5.
With Game 1 going to the very end, 343 Pro Team managed to cap their 3rd and final flag with 1 second left on the clock of regulation time, taking the map 3-2. Moving into Game 2 Outbreak already had a slight point lead on the top qualifiers Infused. Outbreak came out strong and by the 9 minute mark putting up a 5 point lead, with the game going further in their favour, Outbreak took game 2 50-34 with Mose putting up a huge 17-6 K/D.
Continuing into Game 3 stick carrying the same point lead over Infused, Outbreak had a lot to show for themselves starting off very well on the very map that Infused were dominated on. 2 minutes into the map Outbreak pick up total control and within 30 seconds love to a 50-7 point lead. Shortly after gaining this lead 343 Pro Team manage to pull some points back for a breif moment with total control, creeping back to within 20 points. But the 343 Pro Team were unable to contain Outbreak, who swiftly took map Pit Stronghold back and controlled the map for the remainder of the match. Outbreak took Game 3 win with a 100-59 victory.
Because of the dominatng performance in Game 3, Outbreak had already surpassed Team Infused's points and were crowned Champions without having to touch the final two maps.
Congratulations to Lethal, MQSE, BlizZ and SPEED, they all come away with a 65" Philips UHD Ambilight HD TV each and the acknowledgement all over Europe that they are going to be one of the teams to contests with for the up coming Halo World Championship.

Team Doubles Returns

By Human, in Halo 5,

This weekend sees the debut of Team Doubles in Halo 5 Guardians. After being excluded from the launch playlists Doubles returns as the second community voted Weekend Playlist, and will also feature increased XP rewards throughout its duration.
Doubles was the standout favourite of this weekends choices, leaving Capture The Flag and Shotty Snipers in its dust.

So grab a partner and get ready to grind, as Doubles is sure to feature some of the toughest competition yet.
So with only a few hours to go, I thought I’d just give my prediction to the The Internet vs 343 live final at the ESL studios later today.
Going into this, Epsilon look statistically the strongest team at the moment, taking 3 out of the 4 Gfinity cups that have taken place so far and beating Infused in the qualification ladder for this event.
Infused also look strong going into this event with only one loss in the ladder and strong performances in the Gfinity cups. They had a 9-1 record in the ladder and comfortably qualified top of the ladder however it should be noted they played three more matches than Epsilon.
It's difficult to see any challenge coming from the other 3 teams however against the Pro Team anything could happen. Epsilon is my pick to take down the event, but will they be able to beat the Pro Team? Let's take a look at the format to see how they will have to accomplish it.
The Finals Format
Each team will be facing the "343 Pro Team" once in a best-of-three format, across the following maps:
Regret  Empire Plaza Eden Coliseum The Rig Altitude The top two scoring teams will go head-to-head with the "343 Pro Team" again to determine a winner in a testing best-of-five. The highest scoring team of the two will go home with four 65" Philips UHD Ambilight HD TV's. Want to know how the points are scored? Here it is.
Scoring System
50 Points per Map win 1 Point Per Slayer Kill 25 Points Per CTF Flag cap 1 Point Per Stronghold point 10 Points Per Breakout Round Ladder Rankings
1st - Team Infused
Ramirez, Chalkie, TuFoxy, Riotz 
2nd - Epsilon eSports
Jimbossity, Buk20, Buk57, Snipedrone
3rd - Mobasa
AlexKKoskim Backup, Mersu, Soleez, SystematiC
4th - Outbreak
BlizZ, Lethal, MQSE, Smithy_LS
5th - Team Menace
Zaoc, Iso J, Procis, Robbaws

Let us know who you think is going to topple the 343 Pro Team! 
Don't forget to watch the stream live at 6pm GMT over on the Halo Twitch Channel.

A New Vibe

By Prsma, in Team News,

This evening we see the return of another well know team with a few new faces. Team Vibe announced their come back to the scene with a fresh roster ready to compete in the Halo World Championship. With the team consisting of:
Rob 'Septic' Singleton Alex 'Fragby' Lee-Warner Scott 'Fuzion' Findlay Brandon 'Respectful' Stones Two questions emerge.
Can Team Vibe knock Halo: The Master Chief Collection European Champions Epsilon eSports off the top spot? And does this line up have what it takes to be one of the four European/Middle Eastern/African teams to qualify for the Halo World Championship?
Only time will tell and I'm sure you all can't wait to find out!

Respawn Are Recruiting

By Prsma, in Site,

Moving into event season and the start of the Halo World Championship, we feel it's time we bulster our team ready for the busy season ahead. We already have a great team and will be looking for people who are willing to dedicate enough time into working along side them to bring you all the latest up-to-date news and exclusives. This means we will be looking for you to also create your own content like interviews, articles etc..
We are currently looking to fill the following job roles.
Content Writer(s): We would like to add another Content Writer to our roster to help out with the huge flow of news that will soon start flooding in once competition season is in full swing. You will be required to create articles that are important and relivant Halo news, Competitive and Social, create unique articles like player interviews, community on-goings etc.. Other skills like video editing are a plus but not essential. This role is voluntary and does not carry any perks. Video Editor(s): With our current video editor out of action we are looking to recruit a 2nd to help with the work flow. You will be required to create scheduled videos as well as come up with your own unique videos that will be used on our website. Community videos, montages, commentaries etc.. This would be your primary role but you will still be free to create regular text based content if you wish. You must own the software required for video editing, we will not provide you with this. This role is voluntary and does not carry any perks. If you have any questions or queries, leave a reply, send a private message to myself, @Meekel or @Roy or email myself directly [email protected]