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  1. Cyclop - Customs

    Just started playing some again. Would like to find some custom buddies so I get my aim back properly :) GT: Original Cyclop
  2. Customs, FFA´s, Late night lobbies!

    Anyone who need one for 4v4 customs? :)
  3. pX Scrim

    Nice to see you and Grimm back together :)
  4. Why should new players come to LANs?

    It's more about the glory to be the best in their continent and to socialize and have fun. Think about it, if it would be all about money, many of the people who plays Halo wouldn't compete in Halo. Rather some huge pc titles, like Starcraft, LoL, Dota etc.
  5. Quicksilver here

  6. Selling Astro A40s + Mixamp Pro

    Come back Jamie! :(
  7. Midweek Cup #9 | Wednesday 16th January

    Don't know why D4G hasn't reported the scores against us yet. But here they are: eW-D4G 3-0 and eW-swag 3-0
  8. The Official TV Thread
  9. Midweek Cup #8 | Wednesday 9th January

    LMAO! @Teyobb
  10. Midweek Cup #8 | Wednesday 9th January

    @nickmitchell On the team list our name still appear as "Team Mistr". Wonder if you could change it to "eW" for us? :)
  11. Mose :: MLG Adrift v1 :: vs 3/4 High Society

  12. Fragtale stream

    Scrimming now against Quality Gaming!
  13. @Penguin this one: :)
  14. If it's the wireless Mixamp, it's not allowed. And it's not even good to have as a "LAN amp", cus you can't even daisy chain with it.