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  1. Official H3 MLG and Customs List

    Add me for anything H3 related! aMumbles
  2. creepy webb shit

    What happened with the girls? - obviously no paranormal shit here, can all be explained
  3. Official H3 MLG and Customs List

    How many people play this now? Still looking for a decent game to play
  4. Creepiest video ever? Spooky ghosts part 2

    I dont actually think they are there i think they are themselves living in there own time lol
  5. Creepiest video ever? Spooky ghosts part 2

    @ Thank you for ruining my life with that video
  6. Combine the best aspects of H2 & H3 with updated graphics, pump out another shit storyline (that nobody really cares about anyway) and focus the rest of their attention on map design, spawning mechanics and 100% a fucking better colour scheme available in forge. Also - bring back Reach forge, that was so much better than H4s version.
  7. co-worker catches ghost in picture

    A few questions.. Why humans? Why do you think we're special? What about all the different species on the planet? What about their conciousness and spirits? Isn't there something like 4,000 religions in the world, surely they can't all be true? Another point on the 'frequency' idea you mentioned, so it's just one part of another dimension that changes its frequency, not the whole other dimension? In my head I'd imagine it would all have to change slightly and we'd see a huge effect in our own perception of reality (For example if you were listening to Capital FM and nudged it slightly towards Radio 1, you wouldn't just hear Scott Mills, you'd hear all the background noise and other sounds, instead of just a part of it?)
  8. co-worker catches ghost in picture

    Getting back on topic anyway has she tried any of these methods? I am unsure as to whether or not the Asians pictured are professional exorcists, or just actors, it may be worth contacting them? If not, as it says in step 4, just contact your local exorcist!
  9. co-worker catches ghost in picture

    Anybody got any good (real / viable) footage or pictures of ghosts? Ever notice that ghosts are usually Victorian, or children? What happened to all the cave man ghosts, along with all the ghosts of animals or are they (animals) not important enough to become ghosts?!
  10. Mutiny need 2

    I wanna get back into the game if it's confirmed for i50.. if you don't mind can I sandbag along with you until I get back into the swing of things?
  11. i50 - Teams, Seeds and Predictions - Closed

    Is this confirmed yet?
  12. F/A Benhimovic i50 EGL

    Completely agree with this^ Hate seeing how many roster changes there are after an event, especially with such a good placement. By i50 your teamwork and skills would have been even better so you could have had a shot at the top 6.
  13. This guy is just too good...

    Halo 3? For free? Halo 3 4 free Halo 3 4 3 Illuminatti