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  1. Hey guys!

    welcome to the forum! try your very best to enjoy your stay, you might struggle...:)
  2. why don't you just tell us
  3. Who plays CS:GO?

    qft... I've honestly never seen anyone progress so much in a game in such a short period of time, if it was over PC and I wasn't sat behind him I would've thought he was getting someone else to play.
  4. Who plays CS:GO?

  5. Who plays CS:GO?

    this doesn't make sense to me, i've heard this so many times and, unless i'm wrong, which if I am correct me, it's completely illogical. Ranks aren't now "fucked", they're right, right? if you're ranking up from games you've previously lost against cheaters, you didn't deserve to lose that game anyway. yeah sure you might not have won but they waive their right to any sort of compensation when they turn their hax on, so the game is won in your name by default, meaning the rank/ELO you get is just being corrected? Surely the status quo has just been brought back to normal? also, the ban wave was so long ago surely now if people were jumping from like GN4 to DMG (poor example but you get me), if the player had a skill level of GN4, they would just be back at GN4 now, whereas if the player has a skill level of DMG, they remain at it, or around it.
  6. KSI Recruitment

    Swear you motherfuckers just pop up every now and then like jehova's witnesses I mean just look at this shit, man have you ever gained a single clan member from this site?
  7. jc fragby on 9 gag

  8. *Play now* GTA V Online

    [uSER=121]@Brady[/uSER] [uSER=219]@Nunsh[/uSER] PC?
  9. *Play now* GTA V Online

    anyone got this on PC? Come jam wid me if you have
  10. Yo, selling everything.

    yeah man, sorry didn't see this. hmu on something rick
  11. Impressed/Disappointed - i54

    Impressed: Godly - diamond geezer
  12. 2edgy5me

    I love you mate x
  13. Cubic Wisdom

    Bro I could probably beat Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines. And because this is written down on the internet that makes it true right? Don't pussy out now, once you start arguing with Lonex you're in it for the long run, at least TRY to stop him from claiming another victim.. further reason I'm sure you're trolling, your posts make barely any sense (inb4 im too stupid to understand huehuehue) they never actually answer any questions you're asked and when given some competition you reply with "Bro I could finish you if I wanted" loool.