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  1. F/A Scotchyy - serious team for i58

    wanna run games mate?
  2. Hi guys, I use to be heavily into halo back in halo 2 and 3, took a break during reach and halo 4. I'm looking to join a team that practices regularly and wants place well at tourneys. I work until 6pm most days so play in the evening. I'm also an older player at 26 so would prefer team mates that can at least buy a beer legally.   MY GT is - iTz BRuZeR My Achievements: Halo 2: online level 42 legit in slayer. 38 hardcore, Won the Arizona Lan tournament in 2006 Halo 3: 3 level 50's  Attended XL6 placed top 32 FFA, i38 place 32nd FFA and 13th in 4v4, (got knocked out by power gaming early tourney) Also placed well in the Halo 3 forum FFA, cannot remember my placing but I got to a point where I had to play Vard, Buk 20, Buk57, and D kingz. Use to run LANs called LANTROCITY, which some well known players attended.