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  1. Tricks stream

    well this got a lot of attention...
  2. Halo 2 vista (free) installation tutorial - Bagelzend.

    Thanks buddy, looking forward to playing a few games, will add you next time i'm on. Just using my ST Trunks tag atm but if i make a new banterous halo 2 name i'll let you know.
  3. Halo 2 vista (free) installation tutorial - Bagelzend.

    Ok finally got it working! Had uninstalled and re-installed multiply times but still had the 'live and 'network' settings greyed out. Had followed everyone steps and advice which was all very useful. But what finally did it for me was moving the "MF.dll" crack file into the right location. Once you have installed the game and update, locate the halo 2 folder (should be within the microsoft games folder or wherever you specifically saved it). Then move the "MF.dll" crack file into this folder Found this youtube video pretty helpful, despite the guy recording it being an absolute tool Found my activation code somewhere in the middle of this list Hope this helps bring on Halo 2!
  4. Halo 2 Online

    Might get on this bandwagon as always raving on about the glory days of halo 2.
  5. Players who Impressed/Disappointed

    Glad to hear i'm your number 1!! I'll take great pride in this honour. Next lan i'll make sure i'm on top form once again and give you another testosterone fueled handshake!
  6. i49 Halo tournament review: Top 8

    decent review Mr Bowman
  7. FFAs

    Fan of this, miss the days when u could just jump on and play some ffa's against decent people. Will probs give you a cheeky add!
  8. Scrim Now Thread

    Anyone up for a scrim now?
  9. Played under numerous tags but at the time was playing under the name Lighten. Went along with a couple of local mates with the team name Underfire. Think we came top 24 after being knocked in the loser bracket by Dignitas in the WR2. Defs an awesome event.
  10. Hey everyone, been a long time halo fan and been playing since the halo one days. Been lingering around the forums for a while but now decided to become a active member. Was an avid Halo 2 and 3 player but shock stopped playing midway through reach. Now back for halo 4 with team "Shady Tales Mutiny" and attending I49 and maybe the upcoming EGL event. Attended XL5 back in the day but generally kept myself distant from the European scene but times have changed and looking to make a big impact in upcoming events. Add me for 4v4/FFA customs (gamertag: PW Trunks) and follow me on my newly created twitter account @ST_Trunks. Also representing Shady Tales and helping out the halo scene in any way i can, for example, the Shady Tales forge competition...So hit me up!!
  11. Add me FFA's and 4v4 customs

    oh i see how it is
  12. Going to I49 with the team Shady Tales Mutiny, need to get back to my halo2/3 skill level. Will be on every night...Add me.
  13. Scrim Overkill Vs iTFc

    One day i will respect you, today is not that day
  14. Want to play EGL settings custom game, add me will be on alot.
  15. MLG FFA players list

    Add GT: PW Trunks