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  1. Feedback & improvement

    also get rid of turtlebeach, the mixamps are awful compared to astro and the sound quality is real poor
  2. Feedback & improvement

    No monitor in the mainstage room = no crowd = more people watching a mess around consolation series
  3. Feedback & improvement

    Having played in a 5am final at Reflex myself, I can safely speak for the other 7 as well when no one wants to come close to finishing at anywhere near that time again. Honestly, 1-2 am is still too late, especially for any team that has to potentially make a massive losers bracket run and has to spend all of sunday playing... The sad thing is, we had to make the bracket on the day, and because there was 13 (?) teams, we made every round best of 5 thinking we would have been ok for time apart from 1 losers bracket round and guess what - those 2 teams that had to play in that round complained about playing a best of 3 - WE THEN FINISHED AT 5AM At the end of the day, you HAVE to plan for unexpected delays, and with MCC being so broken/faulty its even worse. Powercuts, xboxs not working, monitors not working, mixamps not working, players not bringing equipment and spending ages trying to borrow stuff, any potential game restarts, continuation series, people just being general idiots, etc... the list goes on. And then once you have finally finished, staff have to pack down.
  4. I can coach someone on the saturday if they want the help, no idea what time it would finish but wouldnt be around until like 7 on the sunday since work though or play if you dont care about sunday (or someone dodges)
  5. MCC Shambles

    Lieing about everything within the game is hardly good marketing, it's fraud That and the fact that everyone is gullible in thinking they can actually make an average game let alone a good one
  6. Halo 2 PC Teams, Players and Scheduled Matches

    wW Pebbles add me lads
  7. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Climbed back to Plat 2, now I'm getting the trash Dia 5 0-20 LP players who just don't care/buy their accounts/elo boosts and it's just so frustrating trying to climb this part They literally just don't care and are so toxic, honestly this elo is more toxic than bronze was
  8. no it was going from 250 to 850 within a second then going back down to 250 within the minute, happened numerous times
  9. You had 250-300 viewers legit max, anything higher was viewbotted. LoL finals was about 500-600 iirc and CoD was 1.2k+ for the LBF, no idea about finals. CoD numbers were small because americans dont care about anything besides themselves and LoL numbers are tiny because its a tiny event compared to what else there is.
  10. League of Legends: General Discussion

    I'd really like one if you've still got one
  11. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Really need to find a new 5s team, even if people wanna just play for fun get me in, getting real tired of solo queue. IGN = wW JC if you dont have me added. I'll happily play anything apart from jungle, just really don't like jungling atm.
  12. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Shes far better as a support right now because of her cc+shield, its so so difficult to do anything in lane vs her, started playing her since 4.3 and gone 5/1, you just counter what seems to be everything. I played her loads in mid in s3 when I was a bronzie and her dmg is just really poor, also her ult has inconsistant dmg, her W is REALLY strong if you do go damage though. Don't ever get athenes on her, it's really really poor. You pretty much always want to just rush RoA or Zhonyas depending on the matchup. Mid build -> RoA -> Sorc boots -> Zhonyas/Deathcap -> Deathcap/Zhonyas -> Void Staff -> not sure on last item, another defensive option is probably best, or maybe Liandries Honestly, I wouldn't play her mid right now, there's just too many better champs to play Support -> Talisman -> Sightstone -> CDR boots -> Mikaels Crucible -> whatever you want, not even reached this point in a game where I have 5 items on a support. Maxing order Q -> E -> W, talisman and CDR boots is 35% cdr, means you have incredible peel for your entire team with Q and R, and then you have Crucible and your E. I guess 5/6th items could be Banshees/Frozen Gauntlet.
  13. League of Legends: General Discussion

    What do you wanna know?