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  1. skuffle

    Alex i've never seen you on MCC, mug
  2. The Official MCC Friends List Rebuild!

    Halo Reach, Halo 4 and H2A happened. Hope Halo 5 will be good so the real OGs come home.
  3. DayZ SA

    I'm abit late on the bandwagon for this game due to me only recently upgrading my rig, anyone else playing this? I dont play DayZ MoD only DayZ SA Looking for other good players to play with on full servers for some bandit action. if you're one of them heroes who goes around looking to help people, do one. I'm currently geared up to the eyeballs but got no one to play with and its stressful as a lone wolf on full pop servers Skype = bbrenndann
  4. Gamescom Blog

    You've come a long way from being a MM kid back in the day, well done. Should be a good read.
  5. iTF NNB + Godshot. Team for MCC and Halo5

    How do you remember your KD from every series, I cant remember what I done last night
  6. Web Designer Needed

    I did say add me on Skype to discuss further but ok, I dont want a big fancy website, something basic. Maybe 5/6 pages in total that are all linked together. I want it done by MCC release if not definitly by the end of november and I will pay via paypal if you come up with something me and my Partner (no homo) like the look of (we will give you basic ideas but the rest is up to you), potentially more money in it for you if the site kicks off(big potential). Plus you'll be working with two OG's[uSER=28]@Noodle[/uSER]
  7. Web Designer Needed

    To be part of a little project I'm starting for MCC. Please add me on Skype (bbrenndann) to discuss further.
  8. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    Thought you were better than that Fragby.....
  9. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    I know and too think hes got nine kids as well ...........
  10. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    Cleverly to Villa for 7m? Bargain
  11. Trick signing out, it's been fun.

    Trick I remember you being such a ballache for me when playing Lone Wolves back in the Halo 3 days.
  12. H2A - who is in?

  13. Reminiscing

    Just watched all the old XLEAGUE videos and brought back some good memories, cringe worthy stuff but good memories none of the less. So who is still around from that ERA, I have alot of people on facebook but theirs still some definitely missing. Everyone playing Halo 3 again? Cant remember the last time I played the xbox, i'm not in the know anymore. Fill me in.