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  1. Let me level with you, there is no alternative, there is no option for that matter. http://i.imgur.com/ss0jMak.gifv http://i.imgur.com/LL3Retk.gifv http://www.halobugs.com/#?s=most_recent The present state of the game is unplayable and it will most likely not be fixed within reasonable expectations for the near future; the cards are not in your hands, resuscitation is not possible at this time. It's evident that the 'community' you were a part of prior to Halo CE's release, is not the same guiding hand wielding the MCC. The refinement of HALO CE as a ranked, working, competition ready game - is not in Microsoft/343's best interests. That's the last I have to say on it...
  2. Advertising/Hosting a prize-less tournament for a (practically) dead community, on a broken game with no present competition; not sure why you want to waste your Sunday like that, or use it to launch your site. But w/e...
  3. Halo 1 was broken after the last patch, I don't think you could of chose a worst time to host this than just after the launch of MCC. I recommend you re-arrange this tourney for a date/time later next month, for once Halo 1 is patched back to a playable state...
  4. 2edgy5me

    I received a friend invite from this legend over the weekend, can't believe that he went out like that. Not a bad thing to say about the guy, RIP...
  5. Vanity.All4Down

    Super Serial - When do we begin? - I'm free on Sun 25th Jan & Sun 8th Feb and pretty much every evening between now and then. I've also got no plans for the 22nd (cos' I knew in advance that you'd make this thread, pick me up and we'd make it to the final)...
  6. Destiny - The Dark Below

    Boy am I glad as FUCK that I didn't buy that game; it looks incredibly boring. Why the hell does that guy in the back do nothing, where's the challenge of grinding down a healthbar?..
  7. Who do I speak to about this? It's driving me NUTS!.. xD
  8. Commentary feedback

    Sometimes the best commentary, is no commentary. I realise that you may find it to be a difficult task, but getting a 'listen in' feature would up the production value so much and would really add to the experience + it would give you guys some time to catch your breath. Oh and get some insights from players watching the games between maps, ask them the simple stuff like what went wrong, where could team A of played better etc. anything to lessen the wait between crashing xbox ones...
  9. Short halo reach edit

    [uSER=12830]@Nicolay Haspels[/uSER] To echo reflex, here is the syncing in my 30 min WMM edit, Never be afraid to go toooo low...
  10. I read this thread as progRaminleague, and I immediately bounded in, proud to show off my Excel Skillz. Then it hit me like a truck and now I'm all sad...
  11. Another Return

    Denom, you still sprouting that Afro? We need a HD version of you b8ting Karneasy again!..

    Just a heads up for anyone thinking of ordering a Scuf controller over the holiday season, DON'T! They have taken their e-mail system off, are sending auto-responses out to their zendesk support system, and have posted a fake contact no. If you order a controller now, you WILL NOT receive it, order a Sharq instead if you need some paddles. A real shame too, because I remember they used to show up on these forums and were even endorsed by EGL at one point, all I can say is that they have turned pretty shady recently and I'm not sure people on this forum are aware yet... http://www.reddit.com/r/CoDCompetitive/comments/1y8mre/scuf_gaming_needs_to_take_non_pro_players_more/
  13. Clan Tag: HFEU

    So I don't know about you lads, but since 4 character clan tags are in, I think it goes without saying that we should all put up the clan tag: HFEU Afterall, y'all can't rep the TSGUK from the old days... xD