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  1. OMGodshot - Customs

    Once you get good mate il consider it
  2. Who's cutting those onions?

    I dont want to post a video of this, in case anybody has not seen it, but the film "Seven Pounds", the first time i watched that, fuark, it got me so hard. If you have not seen it, you 100% need to
  3. League of Legends: General Discussion

    what, its not the worst item ever cus the item is currently op, but its not worth the cost on vayne,
  4. League of Legends: General Discussion

    If you believe that the only thing you could have done better is to farm a little more, then you clearly are not looking enough on how to improve. If you are gold elo and you think you deserve to be higher then you should be able to carry yourself out, If you are good enough you should win 60-70% of games, The other 30 % factors in bad games, impossible games and afk's. Farming, Map awareness, positioning, timing, mechanics and MENTALITY are extremely important on this game. Learn to improve each of these individually. spend a few games just farming etc. Once you start looking for your mistakes you will improve so much faster. :)
  5. League of Legends: General Discussion

    It should mean that, but a lot of idiots seem to think that they deserve kills more than others in team fights or w.e just because they playing a certain champ. If there is even a small chance of them escaping people should not risk letting it happen just so that your mid or ADC can finish them off
  6. NickT

    haha ye but gambit was the biggest of dodgers, and ye was good speaking, don't really speak to a lot of older gow people these days
  7. NickT

    Looking for 3
  8. NickT

    haha, bout time man, You was becoming a bigger dodger than gambit was back on gow. ;) I havent been to one in a while tbf. last one was EGL5
  9. NickT

    I was informed to come on here for LoL cus apparently theres a decent amount of people play it :). You still play halo?
  10. NickT

    :), long time bro, I still speak to quinny though alot
  11. NickT

    ye mate
  12. NickT

    haha no way thought you would have died by now :), sup brah
  13. NickT

    Hi, I am a League of Legends player who used to play Gears of War a long time ago, i got referred here by Gemma and thought since I am posting I might aswell make an intro thread. feel free to add me on LoL - NickT [EUW] woop
  14. League of Legends: Play Now!

    I am on now to play if anyone wants to - NickT
  15. League of Legends: General Discussion

    HP quint i think are good for most supports, more so for champs like sona who does a lot of damage even with AP anyway. just get some Magic pen reds. you also dont really need gold per 10 runes imo now since the addition of sightstone