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  1. Intensity is back

    Cheers for the nice welcome back you two :)
  2. Intensity is back

    Didn't have time to play at uni, but I'm back for a month, and will go out at some point at buy halo 4. Tag is still: The Intensity, feel free to add me if you know me.
  3. What was your first Gamertag?

    Count Jordan... aka the Chessmaster.
  4. Diablo III - Official Discussion

    Logic I would help but the games too easy. :/
  5. Starcraft 2 - General Discussion

    Well I stopped posting mainly due to the forums getting updated every other day and generally looking shite with some expected update meant to be on the way, which never arrived.
  6. Diablo III - Official Discussion

    Wait till Inferno Act 2. That Brick Wall is waiting.
  7. Halo 3 MLG Level (Then and Now)

    Sponged my way to level 50.