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  1. [F/A] Rhod3z - All Events

  2. Impressed/Disappointed

    WTF!! It was my overkill, Johnny still acted like it was his though. Felt like trading Dimza for johnny, too funny thanks for UP for giving us an memorable game on pit. Johnny forever file sharing baxter. -
  3. F/A - Wellzy - EGL8

    100% attending Manchester Been playing competitive Halo for nearly 5 years now. Attended 6 events and a few socials lans too. Looking to have a well practised team for this event and can be on every nigth during the week. Class myself as a surport player, Been pissing around on reach for the last few months, but starting to take it serious again so don't judge me on mm. Starting to get back to my best when I used to slap people about
  4. [F/A] OuTbreaK

    Lincoln players, form up!!!
  5. Wellzyyy - MLG

    Gamertags - Wellzyyy Looking to go to the next event so will be on regulayly
  6. Wellzyyy - MLG

    Got a new xbox live account as my hard drive has just died and I have lost my yzllew tag. Add for MM and customs
  7. F/A Bagelzend

    Need 2 ;)