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  1. WarLord - EGL 8

    GL bro one of the coolest guys i know :)
  2. LxmpPost, Krily and Dynastik - Need 1 (EGL8)

    tut tut guys, feel free to add me dont mind these assholes ;p
  3. Formal and Lethuls Montage

    Formal is tooo sick ;p
  4. F/A Dynastik -EGL

    sure why not :)
  5. Prisma7ic EGL7

    Goodluck bro think i played you earlier for the first time, was a solid guy :lol:
  6. F/A Dynastik -EGL

    of COURSE how can i say no!
  7. F/A Dynastik -EGL

    Looking for a team for egl 7,8 and any reflexgt events. Not got much lan experience held a couple social lans with friends and family but no major events. Online most the time hit me up vDynastiK
  8. F/A L3W - all events

  9. need 2 MoSe-RS8 Egl 7

    Goodluck guys :O these two are very good
  10. vDynastik

    Thank you guys :]
  11. vDynastik

    Hi everyone recently discovered this forum im all about promoting the talent in the UK and all of Europe in halo. Im 17years old been playing since 07 where i started compettive gaming in halo3. . Only really started playing MLG this year January so i guess im part of the new gen. of the community and still learning :) Im always down for some MLG just msg me and we'll run some games ^.^ GT: vDynastiK
  12. The Add Me Section

    MLG, MLG Customs