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  1. iDen7CaL - Customs/MM

    Looks like im going to start playing halo again Add for customs & mm will accept everyone (: GT : iDen7CaL
  2. [NEED 1] Kritical, Kalpol, Thumbl3

    good luck guys
  3. Midweek Cup #6 | Wednesday 19th December

    F/A for this (:
  4. [NEED 1] Relapse - Midweek Cup #6

    I'll do it if you like?
  5. [F/A] WarLord - EGL 9

  6. Adversary's gameplay thread.

    10 seconds into the game & you're already sponging, must be a record or something. good watch though (:
  7. Is H4 worth the buy? (Competitively)

    good game, bad settings.
  8. iDen7CaL- Halo 4 Customs

    newer players add if you're looking to get in more customs (:
  9. [F/A] Hustle EGL9

    Good luck finding a team buddy.
  10. [F/A] Vexation

    Good luck finding a team buddy (:
  11. [NEED 1] Whiting, Green, Phlux

    Hmm so some how posting a gif on a forum means I'm acting like a big man. Nice one mate. Edit: I'm not 4ft 10 so just die
  12. An Idiot Abroad! New Season.

    He's the funniest guy ever to walk this planet
  13. [NEED 1] Whiting, Green, Phlux

    Problem officer?