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  1. zone curly, Master Cress, Flexyshot, you?

    I'll have the deodorant at the ready 
  2. Future events & HWC

    Think I've added you both 
  3. zone curly, Master Cress, Flexyshot, you?

    I'll run some games with you lads whenever you're on    sorry about the bagging in mm btw hahaha 
  4. Future events & HWC

    Can't make it to the next event due to money but I will deffo be looking to go to future events. Want a team that are actually gonna practise and play so add me and all that   
  5. Views on settings & gametypes

      Yeah radar is ridiculous but don't you have to have a primary and secondary weapon on this game? 
  6. Views on settings & gametypes

    Just curious to see what people's views on this are. Personally I do like this game, it is fun but I just find whenever I'm watching streams it's really boring with magnums. I'd like to see the damage resistance, shield resistance and Heath resistance settings be fiddled with and make it so the br isn't so op. No radar, br starts, no automatics would be nice. As for settings and maps empire stronghold I think needs to go along with plaza slayer and stronghold. 
  7. TBC - Rwaggy, Fracture, Tripppy, ????

    Oi rudeboy you know I'm down 
  8. Hello Hello!

    Good to see you back man
  9. Hello Again Strangers

    I love this Jake 
  10. Hello

    A lot of people might not remember me but I'm gonna be back playing halo again after a stint of playing COD. Hardly touched MCC, just didn't like the feel of the game or the matchmaking really. Can't wait to get back playing again and adding back the people I lost since Halo 4, hope to play with ye soon.... And of course want to attend that Insomnia event  Still the same Gt: Nath Moore
  11. The Official Halo 5 Play Now Thread

    Gamertag: Nath Moore Looking For: 3 PlayersGame Type: ArenaWhen: Now and all day Language: English      0   Quote
  12. (TBA) - Manatee - Esquire - Organs

    When am I getting picked up?
  13. Hellbound, Nightfire & Ahvra - Cups & Events

    I'll play if you need lads
  14. Looney + Pudding + Assist

    When are you lads next on?
  15. Nightfire

    I'll play a few with you bro even though your connect is dire hahaha