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  1. @Saucey @Saucey Dont you mean.... Call of duty? XD
  2. The Official TV Thread

    I shouldnt be but recently I've been grinding Breaking Bad season per day, I'm now on 4th season? Jesus. It's nothing like prison break in the sense where ALL the god stuff was in 1 season, the plot is well paced and imo gets better season by season. The ending for season 3.... made me wanna watch season 4. But yeah pretty shocked no one mentioned Charmed, Stargate, Martial Law, Buffy the vampire slayer, Due South, Futurama etc.
  3. For anyone who wants gamertag suggestions

    Wtf does "Gentleman Destroyer" even mean.... wait....
  4. Halo 2 organised games thread

    @Anthony Yeah the time can be flexible for you no probz. But 2 people confirmed... if you can come i will play then and we willl just mash 2vs2 and 4vs4 against random peeps.
  5. Halo 2 organised games thread

    @Adi Make the Game list. OPEN - first come first serve, Today. 1pm+ (Afternoon) Can following people confirm, only 8 needed. @Karneasy - @Adi - confirmed @Anthony @Lonex - confirmed @Feign - @Kano - @Sacred (doubt) @Dav - @TriTon - Dredd? and lethal at that event.
  6. Wow, Japan, wow...

  7. Wow, Japan, wow...

    @TorrNN too busy looking at dat ass... but at the end I noticed the bulge hence the "not sure if srs" then he turned around and... oh boy..
  8. Only in Asia.

    Thought I'd dedicate a topic to the weirdest **** you ever seen courtesy of Asia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6lSFX2ELZQ&feature=related Asians... u jelly? Edit:// I could find loads of the old stuff but its more fun to find it yourself.
  9. Wow, Japan, wow...

    @LogicLovesYou I debated that HARD in my mind until I watched the "behind the scenes": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EX9_eVJ4ig&feature=player_embedded Never has my heart sunk so fast so deep.... @Ico Hence my amazement. Give the japanese a box, they give you back a triangle.
  10. Wow, Japan, wow...

    @Ico At first I was like: then I was like: but at the end....
  11. Wow, Japan, wow...

    WARNING: Some of you may find this content disturbing as I did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVwJrAr7GkY You have been warned, dont eat anything... this is a japanese car advert. @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex @Lonex
  12. A-Level and GCSE Results

    @Karneasy lol we did citizenship as a "subject" just to discuss: drugs, rape, murder, pregnant teens etc etc. I also got removed from the "scheme" because I kept saying weed should be legalised and drug use decriminalised. Reason being people started agreeing with me and they thought I was pro-drug use and going to seduce people into smoking pot all day like Lonex.
  13. A-Level and GCSE Results

    @Adversary Depending on what you want to go into in terms of jobs, just ace your A-Levels at your desired sixth form and you will be fine. But good man for doing triple science. @Phlux Do my eyes deceive me or did i see you put down a mark for... CITIZENSHIP??? Wow. Wtf government, wtf.
  14. Gangnam Style

    heard this on some sc2 channel. Wtf am I watching.
  15. Final Boss vs Carbon 07 Beaver Creeck TS.

    @Lonex Doesnt matter but you know what I mean. People just dont understand when youre someone like Walshy et al, who has grinded the game since 2004 (H2 wise) and has played a certain style (based around indie skill) for so long, that its hard to then suddenly over-write 3 years of indie skill into "teamwork" skill where the indie skill was based on teamwork itself. Thats what happened to a LOT of H2 pro players, and a lot of the younger kids who barely/ never played H2 could easily pick up those skills and then dominate due to the low skill gap. The reason for the lower skill gap in H3 than H2 is all down to code. H2 allowed good players to innovate as @Anthony said. Halo 2 evolved so fast so hard the skill gap actually increased everytime someone like the OGREs innovated. Im sure ALL the old schoolers know from 04-07 the pace of H2 changed so dramatically it became another game (quicker QSs, BXRs, BXB, x2shots etc). You were so easily punished for the smallest margin of error whereas in H3 you were able to get away with anything you wanted to a reasonable degree. A god rifle (BR) which hits at retarded ranges on LAN allows much more angles to dominate from, and takes equal if not more skill to counter, than a random spread POS H3 BR. But yeah I would say more but I feel a certain someone out there will call me a tryhard again