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  1. Cyborg - LAN Events

    After placing 5th and enjoying i54, i want to sweat the game even more and break into the top 4. All the best to my eX boys. I'm on everyday from 5:30pm onwards as well as all day on weekends. GT: eX Cyborg. Safe
  2. Building a team for I54

    You have a lot of potential to do really well in this game, plus your attitude towards the game is spot on. It was awesome meeting and playing with you, a very sound and cool dude. Anyone who met this guy at the event, add and invite him to customs to help improve. We'll continue to support you dude and anyone else who is new.
  3. The Airwave

  4. Hey :)

    Welcome back dude! I'll add you :)
  5. Penguin, Aimlesz & Mas - i54 and other LANs

    Give Scotchy a trial mate and Mikey
  6. Fatal Impulse

    Fish is currently on holiday for 2 weeks so we'll be playing with subs at those times. If the times change, i'll update the thread
  7. Fatal Impulse

    GTs: T2K Cyborg I'm Just Genius f15h and ch1p5 Jr Ronin Times/Days On: Mon-Fri: 6pm - 11pm Weekends: 3pm onwards :-)
  8. Describe The Poster Above You Thread

    No idea who you are. Japanese name, i'll take it you're pretty chill
  9. Cyborg - LAN and Online

    After playing the game for the first time at Gfinity and finally buying an One, i'm ready to grind the game out since this coming year is going to be awesome. I have the drove and motivation back to do really well this coming year, thus i would like to find players who have the same drive and commitment to succeed as well as improve all the time. I'm online every week day after 16:30/17:00 and all day on the weekends. HMU (T2K Cyborg). It's good to be back. :)
  10. Strife: Lindez - Mallzie - Adz [1410sp]

    Yo boys, hit me up when you guys are on :) (it's cyborg)
  11. Selling Black Astro A40's

    I'm interested :)
  12. i50 adventures with Webb

    @Lethal 's laugh is the cure for cancer
  13. Luey decided to leave WDTFS and i have chosen to do the same. In light of this, I've decided to team with Darren as he wants to team better players n i'm guna giv him that shot. 2100 points. :-)
  14. Update @Pyro. Kritical has gone F/A Cyborg and LooneyDogzz need 2
  15. All 4 Down - Scrimming

    Good news :-)