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  1. Hello. I'm Mark.

    Don't steal my commentators.
  2. Hi

    Welcome Harry, it is nice to meet you.   You seem like the kind of guy who loves a good KFC on a road trip, am I right?
  3. With no announcement made as of yet as to who would be hosting a Halo 5: Guardians World Championship event in the United Kingdom, a recent trip to the movies might have just given us the answer we have been looking for. As you can see from the tweet above, the Gfinity logo is clearly displayed on the screen between Major League Gaming and Youtube Gaming, Gfinity are yet to have made any announcement regarding their involvement in a HCS event, but the recent pick up of Halo 5: Guardians for their online tournaments might indicate that one might be imminent. 
  4. Game Settings Discussion

    I think the way it is looking at the moment, Ian is right..
  5. Halo Major League Finals

    Sponsor the event and have a LAN finals ;) if all the teams are there.. ha
  6. I was thinking that when I watched at the weekend
  7. Yeah, bo5 throughout is a most definite right now, need to decide if we go with something else too.
  8. Gfinity cup (21/12/14)

    Its a bit late to register...
  9. Halo 5 Guardians MP Beta Trailer

    I am quite enjoying it, I think we will have a write up of things we do and dont like about it soon.
  10. Don't forget the roster locks though! :)
  11. Iron Gaming Discussion thread.

    Did you just play idiots Lonex? I remember plenty of stale mates on that map, just sitting there waiting for the 15 second plasma re spawn...
  12. Iron Gaming Discussion thread.

    I agree with this, if they lose to EG I think they will be unstoppable in the loser bracket.
  13. Show me proof of you asking me and Ill give you a hug.
  14. Knew since he left the event bruv.
  15. Get me the stats of the finals, Xenex vs a4d, and lb finals! and ill do it ;)