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  1. Peat/Pistol

    @Zyruz As much as I would love to play Halo 3 I'm going to wait for the new one. @Jonspen Battlefield is amazing. Not even installed COD yet and FIFA is FIFA.
  2. Peat/Pistol

    Alright lads. @Zyruz I doubt it mate. If Halo 5 is good I will make a return. But Halo 4 is the worst game I have ever played. @Jonspen The good days ey. @Brightside Miss you. Has everyone got Xbox One's?
  3. Peat/Pistol

    Hello everyone, Been away for a while. Got my Xbox one and am on a new tag now. If any people are still about I used to play with get in touch. GT- MJPeat Cheers.
  4. "H-Word"

    We have had many interviews. When is iseries and where? @baxtur @BlackJack you game?
  5. "H-Word"

    The Pistol? Ill give you a phenomenal interview.
  6. "H-Word"

    In all honesty the gay adventures of infused were the best. A real insight into how a team was like. @Baxter @zMVP @BlackJack @Jonspen
  7. I would rather shit in my hands and clap.
  8. How many teams are there these days? And whos the best? Like top 4? And their rosters? Havn't kept up to date at all.
  9. Ogre 2 Moves To CoD

    All were on the best Rainbow team. Solid players and Multi gamers
  10. Its over boys. Just accept it.
  11. Europe's stance on rulesets

    Anyone know when the playlist is out?
  12. Europe's stance on rulesets

    Anyone know when the playlist is out?
  13. Midweek Cup #7 | Wednesday 2nd January

    Might play again BRs are fun.
  14. MLG v1 settings/maps

  15. Clothing

    @Baxter you are crap at skate boarding.