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  1. EGL Blackpool - Team Logos

    SK Gaming
  2. SK Gaming looking for content staff

    Oh, we are just looking for Halo and Call of Duty content writers. There are of course a lot of other guys for games like SC and LoL. :D
  3. qntm

    lol :P Was quite good. @Fragster Yh, you're right, but I think I was quite bad :D
  4. SK Gaming looking for content staff

    haha, would be too easy for him :P
  5. qntm

    haha, sure :)
  6. SK Gaming is looking for some new content staff SK Gaming is not only one of the leading e-Sport organizations in the world, but also includes a big community, which is of course interested in regularly content. Unfortunately, I am more or less the only one in SK creating console content, thus there is only few news etc. If you are good in writing and if you feel you can spend some hours a week to do some news for SK, then message me or contact me at skype. Cheers
  7. qntm

    Yo guys, seems that everybody is doing an introduction, so I'm doing mine as well ;) My name is Brian and I've been part of SK Gaming since Jan 2011. I am head of Halo and Call of Duty Console Management, but I get more and more involved in other management tasks as well. Most of my work is to be done behind the scene, as I always try to be in contact with event managers and of course our keep a good atmosphere within the team. My aim is to bring console e-Sports to what the pc scene has already reached, as well as to try to establish e-Sports in German society. Therefore, I'm trying to get in touch with TV channels, papers etc, which quite a lot of work, tbh. Hopefully, it will pay off for me and the scene one day. I'm not that familiar with the Halo scene ( and the game understanding :D ) , yet, but I try my best to improve. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up at skype. For those interested, you can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook for the latest SK Gaming news.
  8. Allstars Ambush Instinct SQ fnatic