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  1. Forge Map: Select

    Looks really nice and playable...... i think you forgers maybe need a little bit more cover in some of the maps .... i mean in the open areas like the back part of the map because of the shot registration is so crisp ... for example a object or crate at top middle on the new lockout map.... as soon as u try and push shortcut you just get rinsed easily accross map..
  2. It seems my friendslist has emptied over the years

    Add me... optm riddla........ go through my list i have lots of old school players
  3. MLG FFA H2 classic players list.

    Ill be on tonight after work if you need a player
  4. Halo 5 Leak Confirmed

    Maybe we have customisation on the guns?? (if that gun was the BR in the clip) New variety of scopes you can swap and change maybe, sprint will be able to turn on /off surely....
  5. ( READ ALL) Me and alot of old school players will be back playing when MCC hits next week. people who have xbox ones allready add me/follow me. GT= OPTM Riddla Alot of people dont no that you can add freinds on xbox one and they dont have to accept for them to be on your freinds list. Everyone needs to go through my freinds, your mates freinds... even the top players in europe ( put your egos aside).. and get following and adding any gamertags you recognise... so everyone knows everyone and we can all get custom games or join up for random 4s matchmaking. But help rebuild this broken community. Post up your tags so i can have a look through your FR lists and get adding myself.
  6. Any 24"/26" monitors for sale?

    Ive got the monitor simms linked and for £100 its a steal of a price ....bite his hand off INCREDIBLE monitor aswell
  7. SEEEE....!!!!!!! Everybody on the planet wants to be able to sign into xbox live and with in 1 minute be in an 8 mann FFA on middy x
  8. :) i shall be raping he brains out of midship FFA ... i think every old school player will be doing a 'late night FFA' come november .
  9. I am back for the halo collection mate .... late night middy FFAs cnt wait to double shot some noobs like u on 60fps hahah x
  10. Reaction vard snipedrone xavi... Jimbossity BUK 20 Riotz ..TuFoxy 1 of them teams will win ... preferably POWER x
  11. Potential new maps for competitive Halo

    some of these maps looks really good.... put them in the settings and i promise players would come back and maybe play again
  12. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    its hard at first but if you was good at the old games you should pick it up quiet quickly ....Prepare to get raped HARD tho lol
  13. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Thats blacklist mode .. i play classic mode.. the propa/skillful mode. On classic mode spies get a taser, flash bangs, smoke grenades , sticky cams , emps nades.... Mercs get a gun, nades, smoke nades, mines etc
  14. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    This games multiplayer is so sick...at first movement as a spy is a little differant to the older games..... but once you run around the maps, know the vents/routes etc and get a feel for the game its on par with the older pandora tomorow and chaos theory for me..... Anybody fancys getting raped by me and my 2v2 CLASSIC partner let me know x
  15. Salem II

    looks really good