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  1. Hi All, I will be in attendance on the Saturday so looking forward to seeing some old faces. Will pop over to say hi. Korross
  2. Bitches be crazy..

    That's pretty strange. Are there any conceivable reasons for him being there other than to do with your house? It almost seems stupid to stand right under the lamppost if he is 'stalking' your house.
  3. Travelling in Europe

    There are a multitude of fantastic places that you can visit in Europe. Are you sure you cannot extend your two week trip? It is awfully short. My 2012 route: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Lesce Bled (Slovenia), Split, Zagreb, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid. I think with two weeks you have to make your mind up; do you want to see the East or the West? To go past Croatia is a bitch on public transport. Train routes get complicated and take a considerable amount of time (days). So you start to kill your short journey if that is the case. I would advise arking from West to East, going down from Berlin to Prague (you cannot miss this place) and then heading to Krakow before coming down to Budapest and flying home from there (is possible). Krakow was a shit hole, but you can venture to Auschwitz whilst there and I think that is a must see place. All of that is easily manageable in the short time you have, as travel routes are quite accommodating up to that point. Best of luck with your travel.
  4. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread

    I'd have to disagree with Catelyn. She was always doing out-of-the-box things which would influence large portions of the story: arresting Tyrion Lannister, releasing Jamie Lannister.
  5. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread

    Simply the answer is no. Robb Stark was murdered by the Frey's, courtesy of *SPOILER CHECK, i think* Tywin Lannister. Geoffry was murdered seemingly by the Queen of Thorns in union with Little Finger. I would agree though she probably saw it in her fire. I would say that she made the offering genuinely though, thinking that it would help. Not as a dummy.
  6. The Official Films/Movies Thread

    Recent watches: Full Metal Jacket - 9/10 The Book Thief - 8/10 Dallas Buyers Club - 8/10 Get Carter - 6/10 Bridge on the River Kwi - 7/10 Resident Evil Saga - 7/10 (I just dig zombie apocalypses) Kings of Summer - 6/10 Don Jon - 5/10
  7. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread

    One thing that GoT and Martin has continually taught us is that all characters have their weaknesses. Vary's is no different.
  8. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    I would of done better than Fergie did in his first season with the current squad. Arsenal have imploded again. Would love to see Wigan beat them in the FA Cup now.
  9. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    Will be another humiliation on Tuesday. The Manager should of been sacked after the Liverpool game but he will get another season/summer transfer window now. After everything that has happened this season, if Liverpool were to go and win the league (I still think they won't), I think i'd have a breakdown.
  10. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    You guys still think this is entirely the players' fault? David Moyes has sucked the life out of the lads, as he puts it all the blame onto them and devours all confidence. The man is NEVER a top manager in a million years. Doesn't have the tactics, mentality or the bottle for it. Has no idea what he is doing. Time for a change, but it won't happen.
  11. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    A Actually I was the one who was panicking pre-season. It was our worst pre-season in recent history and the season has continued in that vein. This man is SO out of his depth it is untrue. He has, has to go. The worrying thing is Ferguson and Charlton are clearly keeping him in a job. And Ferguson is a stubborn bastard. I can see Ferguson pursuading the powers that be to give him one more season and that would be the WORST possible thing that could happen. David Moyes, nice bloke, but way out his depth at Manchester United. Yep, Moyes out.
  12. Anyone got any decent tactics for shedding weight off their stomach? I am not fat, infact I am quite lean. I just can't shed that extra fat to have a completely toned/ripped stomach. I do regular cardio and gym 3/4 times a week.
  13. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    Salah and Matic?
  14. The Football 2013/2014 Season Thread

    Any chance of Chelsea bringing through some youth players to the 1st team squad? Probably not.