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  1. Ay up.. Epiii is back.

    Nice one you cheeky git.
  2. Ay up.. Epiii is back.

    Lmao what did you do to get so badly injured?
  3. Hello Hello!

    Welcome back you cheeky sod ;)
  4. If it has to be over the course of 2 days just have a FFA on Saturday and 4s on Sunday.
  5. BBoxuh - I55 + Online Tourneys

    I do that anyways. I was more thinking of what he might want from his perspective.
  6. BBoxuh - I55 + Online Tourneys

    Halo is pretty much dead from now until H5 mate. Might be best to dodge and save your moneyz.
  7. This forum is almost dead. Worst I've ever seen it in terms of activity.
  8. KSI Recruitment

    Cool he'll greatly appreciate it.
  9. KSI Recruitment

    A guy I know said he wants to join but wants you to add him to his friends list to discuss the structure and what squad he'd be a part of. GT: The EU Smithy
  10. Lol that's bang out of order, they could of just asked us and we would of let them.
  11. Admins said we've got Top 8 but we let Counter Measures fill in for us since we couldn't be bothered. So they'll technically have Top 12 not like it matters, they were gagging for it so if they want it let them have it.
  12. Pinchy - i54

    If you still can't find a team, you could possibly find one on the day. Seen it happen plenty of times but it can be risky. Or you could spectate and play in the FFAs.
  13. Only 12-14 teams attending this time?