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  1. SGJ - Hola!

    MB360 I almost forgot about that website
  2. TBC - Lethal, Batchford, Zhuh, Walrus Finally going to get rid of my H5 LAN virginity.
  3. Instant Power Up?

    Yer double melee way, much safer.
  4. Instant Power Up?

    It's very easy to do once you've got used to it, but my god it's probably one of the best glitches in recent days hands down.
  5. Harms Jay

    Literally only a handful from the H2 days play competitively.  You'll find most of the old halo players from back then are over at www.ssrcg.com but they play CSGO, HS, HotS etc.
  6. Gfinity UK Finals Discount

    No one buying any spectator tickets I take it?
  7. DonStebo F/A Future Lans and Online Cups

    Get your backpack ready matey Na he'll do well for you as long as he's hyped up to fuck.
  8. Riot Halo Squad Make A Change

    Jordan's a good pick up nice one boys.
  9. Ay up.. Epiii is back.

    Nice one you cheeky git.
  10. Ay up.. Epiii is back.

    Lmao what did you do to get so badly injured?
  11. Hello Hello!

    Welcome back you cheeky sod ;)
  12. If it has to be over the course of 2 days just have a FFA on Saturday and 4s on Sunday.
  13. BBoxuh - I55 + Online Tourneys

    I do that anyways. I was more thinking of what he might want from his perspective.
  14. BBoxuh - I55 + Online Tourneys

    Halo is pretty much dead from now until H5 mate. Might be best to dodge and save your moneyz.