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  1. Teyobb - Whateva Events

    YO, lets make our team the harry potter gang?
  2. All 4 Down - Scrimming

    mark= Mrtrainspotting.....................LAD
  3. Phlux, Bobby, Guapa - EGL8

    @Phlux Agreed! Someone run with us!!!!!
  4. Phlux, Bobby, Guapa - EGL8

    @ Easy.
  5. Phlux, Bobby, Guapa - EGL8

    Phlux I don't know if I will be on tonight mate, see what happens
  6. Phlux, Bobby, Guapa - EGL8

    @Adversary Who do you think should pick up snipe?
  7. Mutiny need 2

    Me and bobby should be on if you wanna run?
  8. Towl - EGL8

    goodluck mate
  9. F/A Ghosty EGL 8

    Good luck man, hope youmake it to manchester:)
  10. Atlantic need 1

    It's all good il be on around then
  11. Atlantic need 1

    i am on now cal