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  1. INSANE Betrayal | Halo 3

    Lol i subbed, 2 vids ive watched that have both amazed me and made me laugh :D good stuff haha
  2. League of Legends: General Discussion

    I really am loving khazix at the moment, still unbeaten with him this season. Got a sick quadra kill this game with very low hp, should have been a pentakill but...scumbag tryndamere -_-. #khazixftw
  3. Septic - MLG Highlights #1

    First halo vid ive watched for about 2 years and it was beautiful, god how i miss the old halo 3 days :( Thank you for making me smile while watching this :)
  4. League of Legends: General Discussion

    When im sitting on 300+cs and have better kill/death ratio in game and my teammates are all sitting under 120 cs with more than a -6 ratio...what am i supposed to do? Im on such a stupid losing streak...all games ive either had afk's, trolls or just down right shit players that dont think cs'ing is actually important and end up not even half built by the end of the game.
  5. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Yea kids on LoL really need to learn how to control their temper and replace their hands and possibly their brains as well.
  6. League of Legends: General Discussion

    I have a 100% record with khazix atm. Big scores everygame with her, but i think the spirit stone is so op atm. The fact that khazix is allowed sustain even more in the jungle is way too strong because shes such a strong ganker, im pretty sure they need to remove this new mana regen and health regen buff to the spirit items.
  7. League of Legends: General Discussion

    jungle: khazix, olaf, shyvana, udyr, vi, elise, amumu, hecarim, voli AD: Ezreal, Tristana Support: Sona, Thresh Top: Mundo, Renekton, Udyr Mid: Lux
  8. League of Legends: General Discussion

  9. League of Legends: General Discussion

    ok what the actual fuck is going on with the teammates im getting in these placement games? just managed to get more cs with support than my midlaner. He was 53 cs at 32 minutes... Got a twat who picked jungle and then fed and used ults on supports with vi and had 60 cs at 43 minutes. Like what the hell is happening...pretty sure these were the sort of teammates that you would get in the 1-30 levels?
  10. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Olaf is fucking ridiculous at the moment, i love playing him right now :D
  11. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Best of luck for the new season guys :)
  12. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Yea its pretty much the exact same thing as i have. I just managed to win a game 4v5 though which nearly made me tear my hair out lol.
  13. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Yea its been quite a struggle the last few days lol, but if i was actually good at the game then i would end up going like 20 kills every game at my level so i cant complain, i just have to persevere and get better i guess. Some games i do think are un-winnable though, like when all 3 lanes just feed and im ganking every lane to try and help them get back with a kill its so tough, especially when as soon as i leave they end up doing some retarded dives or just fail to trade efficiently and end up dying lol.
  14. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Been demoted down 2 leagues in 2 days rofl! Not sure whats happened but i was on a 13 winstreak and now im on a 19 losing streak =/. I dont like to moan about teammates but ive literally had some of the worst players i could wish for in these games. Ive played decent in quite a few of them and ended up getting like 0/14 teammates that flame from start to finish, its kinda tedious :( Oh well, ill start to win again soon haha but im not sure if anyone has ever been demoted twice in 2 days before :P
  15. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Not a very attractive one at that, i bet she has a penis stored there somewhere.