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  1. Whats good my amigo's, Its time for a new desktop and i would like some advice, as of now im pending between two desktops. I want to get back into video editing, PC gaming, maybe even some 3D modeling and all that good stuffs. The problem is i have no clue what so ever what the important specs are for these activities. Here's my dilemma: A 4-core with a slightly better graphics card(GTX750) or a 6-core with the Nvidia GTX650. No matter the choice of desktop it will be running with 16GB RAM. (the 750,- range is my max. spending budget.) [ATTACH=full]45[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]46[/ATTACH]
  2. Greetings, Neal here.

    Whats up Neal, good to see more and more dutchies coming back online. I used to have you in my FL on one of my tags. Add me for some MM: MVPervz.
  3. TS/DUBZ

    Are any of you sweaty MLG kids also down for slayer and/or dubz send a FR to: MVPervz or drop your GT in a comment. - A Dutch Pervert.
  4. The Technical Support Thread

    Thnx for the quick reply! Ubee is the standard modem i got from my local internet provider. I have a sitecom x4 laying around somewhere, if i connect that one to my wifi modem the problem should be fixed if i turn the DMZ off in the sitecom?
  5. The Technical Support Thread

    My playlists in halo wont load once every 30 min after a game. This is fixed by turning my xbox on and off. Ive opened up my NAT via the port forwarding. When i test my connection on my xbox it says its open but random pop-ups come up once in a while that my NAT is restricted. Can some of you wizkidz help me out with this one, its driving me crazy. (ive got a ubee321b wifi modem)
  6. im shit at halo

    Getting back into halo myself, feel free to add me. Im online most evenings; MVPervz.
  7. Play Now Halo 3 MLG Customs [Updated]

    After dusting off my xbox i'm back online and ready to run some games. GT: MVPervz
  8. The "good" Hip Hop thread

    two buddies of mine released their first two tracks/clip, enjoy! Rising out of the Netherlands come two damaged individuals raised by the gritty sounds of Sweetlake City: IBME & Mr Anybody. Fighting to survive the nearing danger of dying of boredom and stupidity they decided to change the world. Tomorrow! Today, they will make music. IBME will surprise you with his genius lyrical laziness and Mr Anybody completes it with his personality disordered productions. Together they form a duo like none has heard before. Not surprising really, they do come from the most boring place on the planet.
  9. What was your first Gamertag?

  10. Amsterdam

    Most likely its not fully coming trough since a shit load of coffee shops are taking legal actions, as of now its just the border cities.
  11. Play Now Halo 3 [Not updated]

    Got my H3 tagg activated again; MVPervz. im up for any playlist 50 high.
  12. Dat Dance (ass) mix.

    Pretty much bored as fuck today, this is the result. Enjoy.
  13. HipHop thread

    No its been RE-made in the OT section. But thnx, hadnt noticed it. was already wondering why there where no responses.
  14. HipHop thread And a oldskool classic.