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  1. i51 - Official Teams and Seeds.

    Secretly this is an opportunity for us to finally unite in the same team. It's been a while since I've had a good shout at you.
  2. Sorry for the slight delay with the announcement this evening. Unfortunately the tournament will not be going ahead. We will now look towards getting an announcement out regarding our next Halo 4 tournament as soon as possible. Hopefully I'll see you guys at the next EGL event. Any questions, please feel free to ask here or contact me on Skype.
  3. Simms talked to me about the possibility of a makeshift. As soon as he's back on Skype I'll follow up.
  4. My Prediction:

    You gave us a year about 3 years ago mate! With regards to Halo 4, it all ultimately came down to the quality of the game competitively. I think it's unfair on the scene and the community to put it down to anything other than that. Halo 5 needs to better on the same front, that is all there is to it.
  5. Are you mad? Don't go to a bb mate, you'll look back and think what the hell you were doing.
  6. You're my favourite Halo pundit.
  7. A decision will be made tomorrow.
  8. It would go ahead. Will continue to try and get a hold of a few teams and players over the weekend.
  9. Unfortunately I was tied up yesterday but I'm back on the case now. Update of current teams and F/As in my post above.
  10. Update: (Below is under the assumption that we hit around the 8 team target) ITF - Able to attend A4D - Fully booked and paid. HS - Assuming we hit a respectable number of teams Whiting, PJ - Looking for two Haynez, Icons - Looking for two Macca B41NZ Godshot TEC - Will hopefully get a hold of Fragby today To echo what Rami said, HS, A4D, TEC and ITF is a good base to work from if they can all attend. 8 teams is not unrealistic even at this stage.
  11. Will update soon with new F/As! Around all evening to chat on Skype.
  12. I don't think BUK20 can attend now but there's quite a few free agents hoping to attend!
  13. Not interested yourself mate? I thought you'd have jumped at any opportunity to not have to play on that 1200 ping connection of your's! I remember all too well haha