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  1. Your Halo Career:

    Suprised to see my old stats from H2, didn't even realise I've played it that much compared to the other Halo's (without all the extra accounts through live cards, ect.). Halo Matchmaking Totals for airwavedewijze Games: 6,829 Kills: 68,736 (10.07 / game) Deaths: 34,423 (5.04 / game) K/D: 2 Time Played (Est.) 52 day(s) 3 hour(s) 59 min(s) Halo Matchmaking Totals for airwavedegrote Games: 4,290 Kills: 20,161 (4.7 / game) Deaths: 9,435 (2.2 / game) K/D: 2.14 Time Played (Est.) 32 day(s) 18 hour(s) 30 min(s) Halo Matchmaking Totals for airwave nl Games: 9,605 Kills: 106,933 (11.13 / game) Deaths: 48,855 (5.09 / game) K/D: 2.19 Time Played (Est.) 73 day(s) 8 hour(s) 55 min(s)
  2. The House/ Trance/ Electronica/ Dubstep thread

    Mark is doing just fine since he quit Halo 3. He's a really solid producer and great DJ.
  3. Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

    I saw that the next day, fuckin insane.
  4. Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

    Didn't watch the whole 3 hours, but he was only 6 minutes off his personal record he said, so I guess that was pretty amazing (I caught the end bit). I am not really sure how it's good or anything. If I see stuff like anything F-zero, i can only just watch and be amazed, but I didn't see anything 'spectaculair' during the run of vice city, except that he can keep that shit up for 3 hours and everything is planned to the tee. And all the money they get for charity is fuckin sick, I hope they can get 750k.
  5. Halo 2 vista (free) installation tutorial - Bagelzend.

    Ok, thought that error was for that specific link. I'll just try torrent again.
  6. Halo 2 vista (free) installation tutorial - Bagelzend.

    @Karneasy, can you reupload your dropbox file? Torrents takes hours.
  7. Halo 2 PC Teams, Players and Scheduled Matches

    If there is still a spot open this sunday, I wanna give it one last chance.
  8. 12th birthday

    They grow up so fast :'(.
  9. Halo 2 vista connection problems

    Got the same problem, tried different ways to install. Got it working but staying connected is the biggest problem for some reason.
  10. Halo 2 vista (free) installation tutorial - Bagelzend.

    Thanks Ant, installed it again this morning but still no luck. Will try this tomorrow.
  11. Halo 2 PC Teams, Players and Scheduled Matches

    Might as well start a second lobby, I am not sure if everything works correctly. Got the same problems as Bealio.
  12. Topmid Halo2 Hype

    Weird, I thought it was a straight port from the xbox. To bad, because you don't need a modded xbox to enjoy NTSC this way.
  13. Topmid Halo2 Hype

    Maybe it's playable with nowadays connections (highly doubt it)? Only played the pc version once I think.
  14. Topmid Halo2 Hype

    Need some H1 hype and were settled #RealHalo.
  15. Halo 2 PC Teams, Players and Scheduled Matches

    I'll join in Noodle, but got some connection troubles. Can't seem to stay connected for more than 1 minute. I hope my connection at home is a bit better.