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  1. Support Role

    Back in the Halo 2 days the 'Support' role/play-style how ever you wan't to call it was used quite a bit. Usually meaning the weaker member of the team who is bit passive but scopes in a lot and shoots across map more often. Since then competitive halo has evolved and the use of putting players in roles is no more. If your going to use roles then I wouldn't do it according to stats I would do it towards a persons play style overall and what they do in game. Stats can be misleading is some ways especially assists.
  2. SFCO - May 2nd-3rd

    Is this Halo 2 Classic?
  3. Halo 5 : A New Year's Resolution

    To not call it Halo at all and fix MCC so we can use one of the old Halo's as the competitive game to play.
  4. HCS: Shrine Team Slayer 4v5!!

    I've uploaded a game play from yesterday whilst playing on my other account a close 4v5 on shrine TS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGUcnHdC6aY @EnV_Harper
  5. Feedback & Improvement

    Play the the actual settings your supposed to play. So many games were played with the wrong settings and nothing was done about it even when aware of it. Never seen anything like it before. What were the refs doing? The rule for starting a game with the wrong settings should be a set ruling to restart the game no matter whos fault it is.
  6. Commentary feedback

    When trying to entertain us because of down time because of how shit the game is try not to mention things controversial like jokes about Ebola.. The main thing was defo the jumping on bored thing especially when you switched to tournament Fragby and Europe's number one streamer... Other than that I was quite impressed especially with Simms
  7. Life of a halo player

    When you spawn rocks on Sanc flag and the other team have both snipers
  8. Halo 2a 8s

    imperial Harper
  9. The Official MCC Friends List Rebuild!

    imperial Harper
  10. Fifa 15 - General Discussion

    Have gone for a 4-4-2 with 2 CDMs to provide more cover so i can prevent players from just running with the ball and turning at my defenders. Jockeying with defenders doesn't seem as good as 14 which is frustrating.
  11. H2V Free to Enter FFA Tournament - Results

    If you cant manage a 4v4 one a 2v2 tournament might go down well...
  12. H2V Free to Enter FFA Tournament - Results

    [uSER=12462]@Shady IIV[/uSER] you can keep my prize money for what ever the next online tournament is x
  13. H2V Free to Enter FFA Tournament - Matchday

    Well played. Good games everyone! :)
  14. Halo 2 PC Teams, Players and Scheduled Matches

    3 of us are online wanting to play 4v4 anyone up for it join the server see how many we can get
  15. Halo 2 Vista EU servers!

    Anyone wanna play?