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  1. Johnny5 is Errrmmm

    Hahahaha! I'm so funny..x
  2. Halo 3 n00b, returning from Uncharted.

    Hey Rez, welcome to the forum! Looks like I'm never gona be able to avoid u now! Great... And I can confirm the rumours that he is very funny! :-)
  3. LiNK Interview Rosie aka ITF KoolKidz

    Dude, u were so bad on H2! I Duno what u would have done without me tbh..x
  4. LiNK Interview Rosie aka ITF KoolKidz

    It's not Pinchy!! ;-)
  5. iTF Ros13

    Aww thanks j5! :-) I don't think I did myself justice at egl8 but I suppose I shouldn't have expected much when playing with a new team and having the pressure of knowing people are watching too!! Hopefully next time will be better timing for the girls and we can get some practice in! IF we find a 4th that is.. On another note, first team to create a cheerleaders kit n send it to me wins.. Lol x
  6. iTF Ros13

    Don't u worry, Johnny 5 has been demoted! :-P if u want to be iTF then don't let anyone make you feel you can't be!! Haha.x Josh, hi, sorry do I know u? :-p x
  7. iTF Ros13

    Haha, that's funny/embarrassing! Lol. Cheers for the link tho, I wonder how many more are out there!x And Adder, you're probably right! But I do remember now u mentioned it.. Were u online when I came home smashed the other weekend? :-/ lol x
  8. iTF Ros13

    Certainly will smash shit up on 4 lol but what's this about a ring :-S I've been thinking for ages and cannot figure it out!x
  9. iTF Ros13

    What's wrong with iTF? Huh?x
  10. iTF Ros13

    Hey everyone, Haven't actually introduced myself on here yet and it's probably a bit overdue! I'm Rosie, gamertag is currently iTF Ros13, but I'm sure I've played with many of you over the years on xXxRoZxXx, iTF GirL, iTF KoolKidZ and a few others. Might try and stick to one in future? Recently attended Manchester EGL with Gemma, Tara and Jade reppin Link gaming so probably met/seen a few of u there. Pretty disappointed that so many of u didn't come say hi, would've been nice to put a face to a GT!! I guess there's always next event? :-) Anyhow, message me if u like, I do appreciate it! And I'll see u all on Halo 4 very soon! Oh and my twitter is @Ros13_x if ur on it. Tweet me n I'll make sure I follow u back! Much love xx
  11. Thank you's

    I'm sure u guys speak another language.. I don't even know if this is an actual question! Lol. So confused!xx
  12. Thank you's

    What does that mean?? :-S xx
  13. iTF KooLKidZ to go F/A for Egl8

    Aww no :-( gutted! But don't lie..x
  14. iTF KooLKidZ to go F/A for Egl8

    Never seen it, sorry! Also, spurs are bad..x
  15. iTF KooLKidZ to go F/A for Egl8

    Do I know u? :-S doesn't matter either way, I like free stuff! Lol x