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  1. Searching for the Missing Halo Pros

    What the fuck was that....
  2. Absolutely anything - Titchh v3

    aaaand bump
  3. Looking for a scrim on these settings now. Will have to be 3v3 as our 4th is travelling back to uni today.
  4. Halo 4 - Play Now

    Titchh v3, add me for anything.
  5. Add Me!

    add Titchh v3
  6. Couldn't agree more with the sentiment that MLG dropping a game means fuck all. Look at how well Decerto settings have done...
  7. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Haha, this is clear evidence for my laziness. Cheers man.
  8. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Thinking of playing this a bit more. What sites/forums are good for guides and finding players etc?
  9. I have two opinions on this... Firstly, I've only just bought the game and to be honest I'm quite enjoying it. Admittedly I've only played a handful of customs so most of my games are in matchmaking, but so far I'm liking it. This makes me think that the competitive scene is far too pessimistic these days (although I do accept a lot of things other than a good game are required to succeed competitively). Secondly, I'm thinking the hatred hasn't hit yet and soon I'll be making posts proclaiming the end of the halo world. This is pretty upsetting considering it's the only game I'm particularly passionate about and have followed over multiple titles, but at the end of the day, why not just play Black ops if what you desire is the competition?
  10. Absolutely anything - Titchh v3

    haha, yeah I added you back on Reach I think.
  11. I didn't buy the game on release because I had exams but now I'm playing loads. Add Titchh v3 for anything, just need to fill my list again.
  12. Official CS:GO Players List (Xbox Edition!)

    Seriously, people should add me if they wanna play customs or ranked. My tag is Titchh v3.
  13. Official CS:GO Players List (Xbox Edition!)

    @Hide Yo Wife No idea that you'd changed your tag, did make me lol though. Add Titchh v3 please.
  14. League of Legends: General Discussion

    Need some people to teach me this game.