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  1. Trauma - Anything next year

    Your shit!!
  2. sounds like a thursday night in calzo's house lololol
  3. Introduction: Unreall

    chris ya big homo! long time no speak good to see u back :) next time im on whnever that will be have to play n catch up!!!
  4. [F/A] EDGEZFRAGZ - All Events

    welcome back plague!!
  5. making a comeback!

    tried to stay off halo long as i could but came crawling back to it! still getting used to all the maps n shit but add cg goku for mm n customs!
  6. A4D [NEED 2] - Sunday 4v4 Beta Cup

    brady is ur man
  7. [F/A] Raebz

    fucking noob
  8. Halo 4 Tour - gamerbase

    depends what time im working that day if its all good im defo going to glasgow one
  9. Azubu Blaze: Logic + Raebz. [Need 2] :- Manchester

    i am the best al that needs to be said
  10. Watch Dogs

    looks pretty sick tbh!
  11. [NEED 2] Nighthawk + Guapa (EGL 7)

    good to see more scottish people on the forum :) not many scottish f/a's tbh but wish yous best of luck