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  1. [SOLD] Selling XBL 12month

    Sorry Perry broski, all done and dusted =( Thread can be locked now @Prsma. Ty <3
  2. [SOLD] Selling XBL 12month

    Wondering why I've not had access to the majority of the forum outside of the Halo section until now? =/ Odd - anyway this is now under reservation for tomorrow =)
  3. [SOLD] Selling XBL 12month

    No general section to the forums where I can pop this into? Either way selling an XBL 12month for £15 if anyone's interested, pics below: *I'm recruiting people to buy my shit yea? Safe
  4. Picked up Arkham KNight for 24.99

    Haha, to be expected then. Ty man
  5. Picked up Arkham KNight for 24.99

    That works xD Any good?
  6. Picked up Arkham KNight for 24.99

    You mean it's back on steam? It's also completely broken on PC at this point and even paying that is a rip off - save your money =)
  7. Who plays CS:GO?

    There really, really is haha.
  8. Who plays CS:GO?

    You know XP is gained faster within DM right? Whilst valve DM is aids it's still better than casual. Check that video out =)
  9. Who plays CS:GO?

    Rank 3 takes about 6 hours worth of gameplay. It's honestly nothing in the grand scheme of things. KlicksPhilip made a very informative video explaining XP and the best way of gaining it. My smurf already had rank 3 before the requirement hit so i really don't think it will have impacted that many people who regularly smurf. Whilst I agree to some extent with Kij, the inflation has already calmed down slightly and normalisation of ranks is starting to happen. The issue is while ever ban waves are occuring you will see inflation of ranks as those who lost will have those games reverted.
  10. Who plays CS:GO?

    Sorry to post this but basically everyone over at - we have a mix server and also a DM server we jump on. I'm currently LEM but pretty much at the door of my Supreme atm. There's a wide range of skill atm as well, some around MG1, and some at GE/Supreme, I know a few people from here play as well such as [uSER=89]@Az[/uSER], but yea =)
  11. Don't bother man, he's stuck in the whole 'but somethings wrong as it won't overclock' mentality rather than taking what we're saying on board. Un parking your cores has a very, very minimal impact on processes as cores are parked upon low loads and when more load is needed are then un parked. The software needed just changes how the system unparkes the cores by changing a few registry files, it will certainly not provide any answers to what you're wanting Bugz. Stop trying to overclock and mess with your CPU, it will provide next to no FPS increase and is certainly not needed, any increase will be minimal and will not fix the issues you are having. As a side note, unparking your cores has nothing to do with overclocking and will have no impact on the ability to overclock it or not, think of it like your fan speed - leaving it at default isn't an issue as it speeds up automatically upon load and calms down when load has declined. Putting it to 100% will decrease the temperature by say a couple of degrees but will increase power usage. This is all you're doing by unparking cores.
  12. iNfeRnO - Return to Halo!

    Fuck bro, loling at the use of my old Rasta banner as well haha. Wb, you'll find the scene deader than the Snarknado franchise but wb anyway =)
  13. Holy fuck you paid for it.

    Shit bruv, I forgot, my bad.
  14. Holy fuck you paid for it.

    Title says it all, I thought you were just moving to decerto.... luls
  15. AV check is Anti-Virus, basically what we're trying to establish is what is happening to your games to make them run badly without overclocking your hardware. As we've explained there's no reason for you to be trying to overclock your CPU anymore, or at least to that extent - you do know as well that switching the 'turbo' setting on overclocks the CPU to 4.1ghz naturally?