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  1. Who plays CS:GO?

    I'm not mad, I'm just saying my opinion. Don't think I would ever get mad over a conversation with you Adam. As for rank 45 to 50 not being a big gap. That really confuses me. Personally I think that gap is huge like massive. That gap to me in Halo terms is like comparing the top American Teams to Power in Halo 3. I don't think a team of rank 50's wouldn't steak rank 45's every game. I guess we just have completely different opinions on skill levels. #Opinions Anyway.... Nice thread. Most activity I've seen the Halo forum have in years.
  2. Who plays CS:GO?

    You've seen Global players playing like retards? no shit lol?? Have you ever watched E-sports. The best League, Halo players or CS Players all have moments where they play shit. They aren't fucking super humans.. The thing is the Gap from DMG To LE was huge before, If you actually played at the given time you would acknowledge that. What is so special about getting supreme? its just a few ranks right? DMG isn't really an achievement, Nor is any rank to be honest. Unless your making a living playing a game you aren't really achieving anything other than entertainment. Also I'd like to point out that saying a rank isn't meant to be hard to get clearly shows a misunderstanding of what a ranking system is implemented for. No rank has a defined Easy to get that's all down to an individual. I'm not 100% on this but I'm pretty sure The largest percentage of E Sports Players are in the lower brackets, I'm pretty sure when that lad is climbing hes over the moon & not getting dragged down by people who put easy statements on ranks. #Ignorance
  3. Who plays CS:GO?

    Well Yeah your ranking up from games against cheaters but does that mean you should gain so much ranks as effectively you haven't beaten players at the rank you are. You've just skipped playing them. Thats how I feel anyway. It just seems the players at Eagle/LE are considerably worse than the players I faced at DMG. I just find It weird that seeing those ranks associated with players of that skill level being very below average where as previously if you were legit holding that rank with all the cheaters you were clearly at a higher skill level because cheaters made the non cheaters have to perform better to hold the rank if that makes sense? Its as if it needs to be harder to gain rank now because eventually the ranks stop right? clearly some GE are going to be far far superior than the ones climbing now. Surely that is logical that as the cheaters go away the players who could perform vs cheaters are far superior than the players who couldn't which gives you a massive influx of messed up ranks. as it goes higher and higher?
  4. Who plays CS:GO?

    Not really. Now i barely play jump into an eagle game, Get far better stats barely playing the game. 6months ago I had 80+ hours in the past 2 weeks and was struggling to stay at DMG when I was a drastically better player. Watching Eagle players in my last game was literally like watching Silver players Would love to record there PoV to prove as results. Also The fact that you gained elo back for all the games you lost vs cheaters spiked random players into way higher brackets than they should be. So yeah give it a couple of months and it will go back to normal. But Yeah I can understand why you would think that but I dont really agree that all DMG players are now LE/Supreme massive spike that just seems really unrewarding.
  5. Who plays CS:GO?

    Ranks are so fucked since the big ban wave. Everybody jumped up Play occasional - KijKajj
  6. MCC - Play Now

    Customs anyone?
  7. The Official MCC Friends List Rebuild!

    LiNK KijKajj Want to play some customs
  8. League of Legends: General Discussion

  9. Vanity.All4Down

    Vanity BOYS
  10. I need friends: H2 JakeyBizZzle

    Don't add Jake He's gonna uninstall soon anyway
  11. JERICHO H4M1

    That Game is so ugly jesus
  12. Halo 2 Vista EU servers!

    Nobody actually plays so that could be the problem as to why nobody is on your servers
  13. people to play with

  14. H2V Free to Enter FFA Tournament - September 13th

    Cant Play HH Finster can take my spot if that's cool
  15. Halo 2 Vista EU servers!

    Played on american ffa servers was actually getting a decent amount of 4's on 100+ ping so couldn't imagine on 20-30ping please add to atleast 1 server to try it.